Case study 2 February 2020

Integrated facilities management: Aerospace manufacturer


This pioneering aerospace manufacturer has a diverse property portfolio including office, production and test environments across 354 sites comprising 1,105 buildings.

To support this estate, this company has been working with Mitie since 1996. Today, Mitie provide pan-European integrated facilities management with services spanning security, waste management, engineering services and more.

At the start of 2018, Mitie worked with this client to review and optimise the existing contract.


In response to this review, the changes to our service featured a range of delivery, contract and technological innovations.

Our client wished to see our facilities managers take a more hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the contract. In response we adopted a Unitary Management model. This has empowered our people, allowing them to deliver services more quickly and efficiently to our client. We achieved this by placing our facilities managers in charge of various ‘clusters’ that are responsible for a range of frontline tasks, such as Assembly and Test.

We also identified and removed governance practices that were driving the wrong behaviours. We moved from a penalty-based contract, which meant punitive fines if key targets weren’t reached, and replaced this with an incentive scheme, which rewards staff for reaching quarterly targets. This incentivisation has helped the team feel more empowered and motivated to engage with the client.

Furthermore, we’ve also made a substantial investment in our bespoke Connected Workspace technology offering for one of the organisation’s UK sites. The Connected Workspace unlocks actionable insights through machine learning and data-driven analytics, helping to optimise resources, shape and improve building performance and enhance user productivity and wellbeing.


The Unitary Management Model has resulted in greater focus on the tasks at hand, but also enhanced communication between clusters and the client. The improvements are reflected in Mitie’s service scores.

In October 2017, Mitie scored 83.79% against the client’s service level agreement for all work orders; in December 2018 it was up to 98.3%. The introduction of the contract incentive scheme has seen a huge improvement in staff engagement, benefitting not only Mitie personnel in terms of wellbeing, but the client through the related rise in productivity and service levels.

And since early 2018, our Internet of Things sensors at the client site have been relaying data from equipment and the building itself to our Service Operations Centre in Bracknell. This information is already helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs by introducing predictive maintenance that mitigates infrastructure failures and maximises uptime.

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