Case study 30 October 2020

Delivering over £10m in savings and the equivalent of over 25,000 tonnes of carbon for a multinational telecoms company


Our customer, a multinational telecommunications company, is serious about reducing its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. It is investing in solar and wind-powered base stations, sustainable end-user devices, energy-efficient data centres, and recycling initiatives as fundamental elements of its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. And to help the company meet its commitments, it has enlisted Mitie’s Plan Zero team.

Over the course of just three years, Mitie has helped our customer substantially reduce its carbon footprint, saving 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy, worth over £10m, and the equivalent to 25,000 tonnes of CO2

The undertaking

Naturally, a comprehensive review of the client’s estate was required in order to achieve such a result.

From the Assessment stage onwards, Mitie collaborated with the telecoms company to audit 90 of its buildings for energy usage and efficiency, including offices and contact centres. The tests checked that each building’s lighting, heating and air conditioning systems were operating at the highest energy efficiency rating, with subsequent optimisation measures validated by the third-party energy auditor, Energy Efficiency Verification Specialists (EEVS).

At more complex locations, where 24/7 power is essential to keep the network running, such as data centres and Mobile Telephone Exchange (MTX) network sites, our Connected Workspace sensors provided real-time data to identify energy saving opportunities. For example, temperature sensors in data centres enabled airflow to be adjusted remotely, ensuring equipment was stored in the correct environment in the most energy efficient way.

Similarly, in offices and call centres, sensors in air conditioning systems enabled air temperature to be managed remotely and at speed. This modification reduced energy use and improved the comfort of colleagues within the building. Since 2017, the client’s data centres, offices and retail stores have been ISO50001 Energy Management standard accredited.

Further energy savings were produced by helping the organisation to reduce the number of buildings open at weekends and on bank holidays. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many staff were required to work from home, which meant Mitie could use its tried and tested processes to assist with hibernating more buildings than usual.

The expert execution of Plan Zero strategy for the telecoms company has already produced considerable savings, but Mitie continues to support the client in becoming even more sustainable. They are investing in solar and wind-powered base stations, sustainable end-user devices, energy-efficient data centres and further recycling initiatives.

Over the next 1.5years, we forecast the client will save a further 147GWh.Such efficiencies are truly transformational and categorically confirm that a Mitie Plan Zero strategy, executed in partnership from Assessment right through to Execution enables organisations to go further, faster, and for less.

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