Case study 2 February 2020

Global Financial Services provider: ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of staff

The challenge

Identify the cause of the extreme temperatures in the workspace.

Talent acquisition and retention is of paramount importance in the financial services industry and the comfort and wellbeing of staff is therefore a priority. When our client, a global financial services provider with offices in 70 countries, received several complaints of uncomfortable temperatures in a key workspace, they were quick to react.

Calling upon Mitie’s extensive experience in environmental monitoring and modelling, the client sought to identify and isolate the source of the problem.


Mitie undertook a detailed thermal comfort analysis, drawing upon data collected from Internet of Things environmental sensors installed throughout the workspace, along with feedback from occupants.

Advanced techniques, such as computational-fluid dynamic modelling and predictive simulation, were used to map and forecast current and future thermal activity. By categorising key causal factors, and their related remedies, by complexity and cost, we provided our client a clear and fully budgeted plan to address the problem.


  • An 8% improvement in compliance to comfort policy
  • A 90% reduction in complaints related to workspace temperatures
  • A happy team, confident in the knowledge their wellbeing is taken very seriously

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