Case study 2 February 2020

Linklaters – a strong partnership and unified approach

The challenge

Our relationship with Linklaters started in 2001. The services required include:

  • Mailroom & courier management
  • Reprographics
  • Off-site legal reprographics (overflow print)
  • Porterage
  • Document production and examiner services
  • Records management
  • Stationery procurement


From the outset, Mitie and Linklaters developed a strong partnership and unified approach, successfully TUPE’ing 20 in-house reprographics employees. At the same time, both parties recognised it was essential to rapidly demonstrate an enhanced service and to raise the internal perception of the department.

The current Document Management headcount on the contract is 114 staff, across three departments. We continuously reviews the firm’s service lines, suggesting better ways of working and, where relevant, introducing innovation and technology to support them.

A rapid response service has been successfully introduced, which enhances the regular mail runs and places the emphasis on business related, time critical items. Mitie Document Management technology is also used to manage this process and there is a set, measurable service level agreement for each service line.


Through the mobilisation of our track and trace technology, we have enhanced the service to include a full audit trail of all accountable mail items. Due to the success of this rollout, the technology was installed at Linklaters Brussels office, which can now provide an end to end audit trail on items between the two offices.

We have proactively amended mail run timetables, staffing levels and work allocation in line with ever changing mail volumes, which has resulted in the mail team being reduced by nearly 25% over the last four years.

We incorporated the daily delivery of stationery to desk locations within our own daily programme at no additional cost. This enabled the client to remove this service from their stationery contract, making further savings.

“We work very closely with Mitie to ensure our values are aligned to provide service excellence for our clients. With both parties working closely together there is a One Team culture showing imagination and determination to meet Linklaters vision of being best in class.​

I am particularly impressed on how they develop their staff and invest in technology to improve the customer service experience whilst managing costs.​

As our relationship goes from strength to strength, I am confident our partnership will continue to deliver expert services to our clients.”

Bob Jones​, Head of UK Operations​, Linklaters LLP

Key facts

  • £480k savings by the end of Year 2
  • Reduction in carbon footprint through introduction of workflow software, avoiding the need to photocopy documents
  • Significant improvement in fee earner’s perception of the service
  • Our track and trace technology was installed at Linklaters Brussels office, which can now provide an end to end audit trail on items between the two offices

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