Case study 7 April 2020

COVID-19: Supporting schools, parents and pupils

Although many schools have closed in response to COVID-19, Mitie continues to provide services, including cleaning, catering, caretaking, grounds maintenance, pest control and waste management to over 100 schools across the UK that have remained open for vulnerable children and children of key workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for everyone. However, these feelings are felt especially strongly by children. Maintaining schools, which are often at the centre of the local community, helps safeguard the welfare of the children and adults who continue to use them.

Maintaining free school meals

Ensuring children continue to receive nourishing food during the pandemic is vital. As well as providing in-school catering, for children that are eligible for free school meals but not attending school, Mitie are:

  • making contact-free daily lunch deliveries to children’s homes; and
  • producing weekly food packs for families to collect from their child’s school.

Changing protocols

In all schools Mitie are supporting, we have managed the implementation of NHS England’s guidance to reduce COVID-19 infection, including adhering to social distancing protocols.

Cleaning processes have also been revised to reflect the need for greater focus on touchpoints such as door handles, bannisters and lift buttons.

These measures are now standard throughout our schools and meanwhile we remain agile and responsive to the unique and changing requirements of each local authority.



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