Insight 12 February 2021

Cleaner air, safer workplaces

The pandemic has brought to the forefront just how important fresh air circulation and a healthy environment is to well-being and performance in the workplace. Good ventilation and the flow of fresh air reduces the risk of virus and germ transmission and is of paramount importance in the new normal.

The UK government have recently acknowledged the significance of
indoor air quality (IAQ) and plan for legislation to be updated to address the issue, directly affecting the design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, in new buildings to increase fresh air intake up to 50% more than the current standard minimum. And what for our current workspaces? A combination of our environmental experts, rigorous cleaning and cutting-edge technology will ensure your business’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is exceptional and ‘Air Changes’ are consistently monitored, providing your business with an optimised, maintained and safe environment

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