Insight 11 May 2022

What is the link between FM and sustainability?

Pradyumna V. Pandit, MD of Sustainability and Energy Services at Mitie gives his insight on the link between FM and sustainability.

“As a sector that is often working behind the scenes, World FM Day is an important opportunity for us to celebrate the important role that facilities management plays in keeping workplaces, public spaces and vital infrastructure running. However, as well as reflecting on past achievements, it’s also a chance to look forward and highlight the role that FM can play in solving the challenges of the future.

“One of the most pressing challenges of our time is tackling the climate crisis. While people may not automatically link facilities management with decarbonisation, with our experience managing thousands of workplaces and ensuring that they’re run as efficiently as possible, our sector is at the front line of the green transition and ideally placed to help other organisations move to net zero. Having set our own ambitious decarbonisation targets to reach net zero by 2025, we’re applying what we learnt from this process with our data science, engineering and technology skills to help other large businesses reduce their environmental impact.

“At Mitie, we believe that technology is key to achieving this ambition – an approach that we call ‘the Science of Service®’. There’s a science to decarbonising energy, buildings and transport, to eliminating waste and improving biodiversity. By combining innovation and intelligence, facilities management can, and should, play a central role in helping its customers to achieve net zero further, faster.”

 Pradyumna Pandit, MD of Sustainability and Energy Services at Mitie

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