News 25 February 2021

Mitie bolsters environmental commitment by joining the Aldersgate Group

  • Mitie has joined the Aldersgate Group, the alliance to drive action for a sustainable economy, demonstrating its commitment to fight climate change and help other organisations reach net zero
  • The membership will enable Mitie to share its facilities management and sustainability expertise, particularly in areas such as electric vehicles, energy and waste management, with the Aldersgate Group and its members

Mitie has become a member of the Aldersgate Group, an alliance of leaders from business, politics and civil society aimed at driving action for a sustainable economy. The membership, which is by invitation only, is part of Mitie’s commitment to fight climate change and share its experiences to help other organisations reach net zero.

The Aldersgate Group draws from the experience of its different members, many of which are leading businesses in their sector, to develop and advocate for a competitive and environmentally sustainable economy. As the only facilities management business in the Group, Mitie’s membership will bolster the Group’s expertise in several areas – such as electric vehicles, energy management and waste management – that are key for businesses looking to be net zero.

Through its Plan Zero commitment, Mitie has pledged to reach net zero by 2025 for its operational emissions and to use its expertise to help other organisations achieve their own sustainability targets. As part of this commitment, Mitie has switched over 900 vehicles in its own fleet to electric and has launched a number of services to help customers cut their carbon emissions. For example, through its Zero Carbon for Zero Cost methodology, Mitie helped Vodafone improve the energy efficiency of its buildings, saving over 25,000 tonnes of COand energy equivalent to £10m in three years. Meanwhile, through its zero emission gritting service, the UK’s first commercial gritting service to use an electric gritter, Mitie is helping businesses stay safe during the winter while limiting the impact on the planet.

Mitie recently marked the first anniversary of its Plan Zero initiative by announcing its new sustainability pledges for 2021. These include having at least 2,021 electric vehicles in its fleet by the end of 2021, saving 100,000 kWh of energy across its property estate and removing plastic bin liners from its offices, saving more than half a tonne of plastic each year. In addition to this, Mitie has also committed to setting science-based targets with the science-based targets initiative and has pledged to achieve net zero emissions from its supply chain, employee commuting and working from home by 2035.

Simon King, Director of Sustainability and Social Value, Mitie, said:

“We’re committed to fighting climate change and that’s why, as well as tackling our own emissions, a central part of Plan Zero is to help other organisations achieve their own sustainability ambitions. Becoming a member of the Aldersgate Group is a key part of these efforts and a great opportunity to broaden Mitie’s impact by sharing our expertise to support the fight against climate change.”

Nick Molho, Executive Director, Aldersgate Group, said:

“We welcome Mitie to the Group and look forward to working together to drive positive action on climate and the environment across the economy. To reach the UK’s ambitious goal of net zero emissions by 2050, it is vital that all sectors contribute to lowering their emissions. Mitie’s Plan Zero commitment is an important statement in this regard, with the implementation of science-based net zero targets, resource efficiency and fleet decarbonisation being key to reducing overall industry emissions.  With their expertise in electric vehicles, energy and facilities management, Mitie is a great addition to the Group.”

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