News 22 February 2022

Mitie launches new Cleaning & Hygiene Centre of Excellence

Our specialist centre in Birmingham leads a new era in cleaning and hygiene.

We are delighted to launch our brand new, cutting-edge Cleaning & Hygiene Centre of Excellence. This industry-leading experience showcases Mitie’s Cleaning & Hygiene Services and demonstrates why our Science of Service approach is leading the way for the rest of the cleaning industry.

The acceleration of technology within the cleaning and hygiene sector has been hugely significant over the past 12-months. As employees are returning to the workplace, a different level of assurance is needed to ensure confidence in the physical environment – and this demands another type of cleaning.

In today’s workplace, Cleaning Operatives are crucial frontline workers – a visible force that provides healthy, safe environments – and they’re going to be skilled technicians into the future. Therefore, we are investing in our cleaning business like never before, implementing revolutionary intelligence software combined with industry-leading technology and BICSc accredited training.

We’ve designed this immersive and interactive experience to give our customers a glimpse into the future of the cleaning industry whilst showcasing our amazing people, our operational excellence and the latest advances in technology and innovation, including virtual reality (VR).

The experience guides visitors through six distinct zones –

Zone 1 – The science of cleaning and hygiene. This fully operational laboratory environment invites visitors to participate in interactive cleanliness tests.

Zone 2 – This zone demonstrates how our constant focus on innovation enables us to deliver highly effective outcomes.

Zone 3 – People and Operational Excellence. This zone introduces visitors to Mitie’s innovative processes for delivering operational excellence.

Zone 4 – Sustainable and Hygienic environments. One of the most significant challenges in today’s climate, this area focuses on sustainable products, sustainable consumables, and sustainability via robotics.

Zone 5 – The Immersive Zone. Using the power of virtual reality, visitors get first-hand experience of a number of our specialist cleaning services.

Zone 6 – The Science of Service. This zone showcases powerful advances in technology, systems and innovation that deliver greater efficiency in cleaning and hygiene than ever before.

This whole experience has been designed to give Mitie customers total confidence that they are receiving the ultimate in safety, quality, and sustainability.

As one of the largest cleaning providers in the country, we are perfectly positioned to lead the way in this revolutionary new approach to cleaning and hygiene.

Our broad range of industry experience, vast geographic footprint, and relationships with top equipment manufacturers ensures that we’re able to deliver a high-quality, customer-centric cleaning solution that provides confidence and reassurance.

To find out more about the Cleaning & Hygiene Centre of Excellence download our brochure.

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