News 18 September 2023

Mitie pioneers progressive work policies to support better work-life balance

  • Mitie has introduced two key policy changes to support better work-life balance for its colleagues
  • Mitie colleagues will now benefit from the early implementation of enhanced flexible working and carer’s leave policies almost a year ahead of them becoming statutory requirements in the UK
  • This decision, which was championed by Mitie’s own colleague network of Parents & Carers, demonstrates Mitie’s commitment to giving colleagues a voice

Mitie announces the adoption of two significant policy changes aimed at supporting its colleagues in achieving a better work-life balance. These changes, which were championed by colleagues in Mitie’s Parents & Carers network, reflect Mitie’s commitment to creating a workplace that listens to its people and prioritises their wellbeing.

A progressive carer’s leave policy

Recognising the importance of supporting colleagues with caring responsibilities, Mitie has taken the proactive step of introducing carer’s leave. Colleagues with caring responsibilities will now be entitled to an additional one week’s unpaid leave per year. This will provide valuable support to an estimated 5,700 Mitie colleagues with caring responsibilities, as they manage their personal lives alongside their careers within the company and also extends to colleagues who foster care, going above the requirements included in the upcoming statutory legislation expected in 2024.

Flexible working for improved work-life balance

Mitie is also taking strides to enhance the work-life balance of colleagues by implementing changes to its flexible working policy. Mitie colleagues now have the opportunity to request flexible working arrangements from the first day of their employment, rather than waiting for 26 weeks of continuous service required in current legislation.

Change championed by colleagues

These initiatives were championed by Mitie colleagues, who used their voices as part of the company’s Parents and Carers employee network to influence these policy changes across the business.

The Mitie Parents and Carers Network is a 500 strong community where colleagues who are parents or caregivers can come together to connect to share experiences, exchange ideas, and support each other.

Jasmine Hudson, Chief People Officer, Mitie, said:

“As one of Britain’s largest employers, we’re focused on ensuring our benefits are focused on areas that will make the biggest difference to our 64,000 colleagues by hearing from them directly about how we can help improve their working lives. Our diversity and inclusion networks have a vital role to play and our Parents and Carers network has helped develop and implement these positive changes. We are proud to be a company that listens, evolves, and puts the needs of our people at the forefront of our workplace policies.”

Richard Insull, member of the Mitie Parents and Carers network, said:

“The Mitie Parents and Carers Network is a testament to the strength and impact of colleagues’ voices at Mitie. As a member of the network, I am proud of the positive and engaged conversations we are driving, which have led to important change across our business.”

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