News 24 January 2020

New partnership brings Mitie big opportunities for University of Northampton students

The University of Northampton’s Criminal and Corporate Investigation team has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mitie, the UK’s leading facilities management and intelligence-led security business. This MOU partnership will forge closer links between industry experts and academics at the University to enhance the student experience for those on the programme.

The business community is swiftly evolving its response to crime and corporate criminality, with many large organisations developing their in-house capability with dedicated corporate investigations teams, or tendering these services to specialist advisors, such as Mitie. The University of Northampton’s Criminal and Corporate Investigation Programme has been specifically developed to create the skilled, graduate level investigation professionals needed to manage these corporate crime risks in the security sector.

Thanks to this MOU between Mitie and the University, academia and industry will partner on cutting edge research into criminality and criminal trends. As well as using industry experts to continually develop the academic curriculum to ensure that it reflects the latest security risks and criminal techniques, the course will enhance the number of opportunities for students to work with industry as part of their course.

The partnership between the University and Mitie will be managed through Mitie’s Northampton-based Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC). At the forefront of intelligence and technology-led security, the GSOC is manned 24 hours a day by highly skilled security specialists, monitoring for potential threats and security risks for clients around the world. The GSOC experts will support the Criminal and Corporate Investigation Programme by providing course-relevant presentations and offering work experience opportunities for students, as well as sharing their experiences at Open Days and Career Fairs – with the aim of attracting potential new recruits from the course.

John Fox, himself a former Police Detective with over 25 years’ experience, and Course Leader at the University of Northampton said:

We live in changing times where criminals are developing their capabilities quickly. Our partnership with Mitie will develop the way universities, and the business community, alongside our partners in law enforcement, can work together to develop our capabilities to deter, detect and disrupt criminality. Our students graduate with a sound theoretical grounding, and working more closely with Mitie, will have more hands-on, industry relevant experience during their studies.

The Criminal and Corporate Investigation degree programme develops skills in an applied context in interview techniques, the law surrounding investigations and cyber-crime, alongside a detailed understanding of the importance of securing admissible evidence, crime scene management and preparing for criminal justice proceedings. This expert academic knowledge, combined with this new industry partnership and insights, will enhance the employability skills of Northampton graduates.

Jason Towse, MD of Mitie Security, said:

Ensuring we have new talent with fresh thinking and innovative ideas plays a critical role in keeping the UK, and Mitie, at the forefront of the global security industry. We look forward to sharing our expertise and helping to develop the next generation of security experts in partnership with the University of Northampton.

As well as working with students and shaping course content, Mitie employees will also benefit from the academic expertise and education opportunities offered by the University of Northampton, which will make academic staff available to teach modules to Mitie GSOC employees.

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