News 9 February 2021

UK’s first zero emission gritting service launched in Nottingham

  • The UK’s first zero emission gritting service for commercial use, using a 100% electric gritter, has been launched in Nottingham city
  • The service is being used to grit several supermarkets and Nottingham’s tram network
  • The EV gritter is being trialled by Mitie Landscapes to help businesses in the area stay safe in wintry conditions while limiting their impact on the planet

The UK’s first zero emission gritting service for commercial use, using an electric gritter and sustainable white marine salt, has launched in Nottingham City. The service, run by Mitie Landscapes, uses the first zero emission gritter of its kind – a 100% electric vehicle (EV) with a battery-powered gritter attached. Both the EV itself and the vehicle-mounted gritter are charged each day at the Mitie office in Nottingham, which is powered by REGO-backed renewable energy, meaning the service is truly zero emission.

The new service is being trialled in Nottingham, with the gritter following a specially designed route around the city, including supermarkets and the tram network, in order to maximise the number of sites it can de-ice on one charge. While the gritter currently lasts around five hours between charging, as the trial continues Mitie will review how and where it is used to make the process more efficient, before rolling out to more cities ahead of winter 2021.

Mitie Landscapes designed the zero emission electric gritting service to support customers looking to reduce their environmental impact, particularly those in high-pollution areas, such as cities. It also builds on Mitie’s own Plan Zero commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025, while also supporting its customers in reaching their own sustainability targets.

This includes Mitie’s leading electric vehicle commitments. Mitie has more than 900 pure electric vehicles already in its fleet, with around 25 more being delivered each week, depending on lockdown restrictions.

Tim Howell, Managing Director, Landscapes, Mitie, said:

“When people think about cutting carbon emissions, gritting may not seem an obvious place to start. However, to be truly sustainable, businesses need to consider every aspect of their operations. We’re proud to be launching the UK’s first zero emission gritting service in Nottingham to help our customers keep their sites safe, while minimising their impact on the planet.”

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