Video 27 March 2024

Greening the workplace: Cultivate a carbon-conscious culture

As the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In today’s organisations, having the perfect strategies and plans in place is no longer enough to guarantee long-lasting success – especially when it comes to sustainability.

To achieve meaningful change, it’s important to create a culture that supports your objectives and allows everyone to take an active part. From the top down, as well as engaging employees at the grassroots level, everyone has a role to play.

Creating a carbon-conscious culture

A carbon-conscious culture is essential for any organisation that aims to fight against climate change. This mentality focuses on the importance of knowing where your organisation stands in terms of its carbon footprint and taking active steps to reduce it.

So, how can an organisation embed a carbon-conscious culture at all levels? The key is to make the invisible, visible. Providing your colleagues with easy-to-understand metrics and measures is crucial. This will not only inform them of their starting point, but also demonstrate the results of their actions as they work towards reducing their carbon footprint.

Overcoming obstacles

The biggest barrier to creating a successful carbon-conscious culture is doing nothing at all. Encouraging your colleagues to take responsibility for their actions, both big and small, is crucial to creating lasting change.

Supporting culture change

We’ve supported our customers by simplifying complicated business cases for senior leaders. Clearly communicating plans creates decarbonisation strategies that can be acted on and included in the organisation’s goals.

Gamification is another effective strategy. It creates friendly competition by rewarding employees who save energy and cut carbon. This motivates colleagues to get on board and make sustainability a lasting part of the company culture.

Building a sustainable future together

Ready to make a lasting impact on both your organisation and the environment? By using methods like gamification and making business cases simpler, you can bring your workforce together to fight climate change. After all, a company’s best resource is its people, and together we can create a greener future for everyone.

Insights from Prad Pandit, Managing Director, Energy and Decarbonisation at Mitie.

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