Report 9 May 2024

Meet the driving force behind Mitie’s 5,000 EVs

Overseeing one of the UK’s most successful EV fleet transitions has proved to be no mean feat, but Audra puts it all down to two critical factors. She said: “We’re now over 65% electric…

Report 29 April 2024

Is there really a bump in the road on the switch to EV?

It’s happened before; new figures suggesting even just a tiny hurdle on the UK’s journey to net zero become headline news. Recent numbers from SMMT showing a 1% drop in privately purchased and registered…

Report 22 April 2024

Mitie marks 5,000 electric vehicles milestone

Mitie has welcomed the 5,000th electric vehicle (EV) to its fleet, marking a momentous milestone in its decarbonisation journey. With two thirds (66%) of its fleet now electric, Mitie is ramping up speed in pursuit…

Report 15 April 2024

Decoding decarbonisation: Unlock potential and cut costs

In the past year, the UK’s energy prices rollercoaster has left many of us with whiplash. But now that seems to be steadying, it’s the perfect opportunity to crank up your organisation’s decarbonisation activities….

Report 27 March 2024

Greening the workplace: Cultivate a carbon-conscious culture

As the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In today’s organisations, having the perfect strategies and plans in place is no longer enough to guarantee long-lasting success – especially when it comes to…

Report 26 March 2024

Make sure CO2 accounting adds up

Is new carbon reporting legislation a catalyst for change or a compliance burden for the C-suite? This was the hot topic at Mitie’s recent Carbon Disclosure Summit, which welcomed leaders from public and private…