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Pest control

With over 40 years of experience, Mitie offers the complete Integrated Pest Management service (IPM). We work with many local councils as well as organisations such as food manufacturing businesses, property management companies, pubs and restaurant chains across sectors like transport, retail, education and hotels. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial pest control services, including rat, mice and other rodent control, bird control, insect and fly control and wildlife management. We cover everything from technical inspection and routine preventative services and pest proofing to clearance works and the removal of pest contaminated waste.

Our accreditations

Mitie’s commercial pest control business has ISO standards in both quality and environmental best practice. This recognises our commitment to delivering a safe, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly service to all our clients.

We have recently received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for the commercial use of drones or UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) to provide aerial surveys, and have 12 certified pilots.

You can read more about our drones here!

  • BPCA


    British Pest Control Association

  • CEPA


    Confederation of European Pest Management Associations

  • CHAS


    The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

  • CAA Approved

    CAA Approved

    CAA Approved for commercial UAV aerial work

  • SAFEContractor


    SAFE Contractor

  • RoSPA


    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

The team

Intelligent pest management

Intelligent pest management is transforming pest control for the FM sector, providing real-time information, reducing risk, optimising hygiene, and meeting and exceeding the standards expected by safety auditors.

One of the key benefits of intelligent pest management is the partnership that we develop with clients to help achieve a pest-free environment. This integrated approach allows for two-way communication that allows us to fully understand the scale of your problem, leading to effective treatment and preventative measures.

Steps to an intelligent pest management approach:
  1. Understanding your pest risk
  2. Recommending the right solutions
  3. Implementation of the program
  4. Reporting & monitoring 24/7
  5. Auditing and evaluation

To deliver reporting and monitoring, Mitie has developed Pest Alert, a cloud-based portal that provides a dashboard showing the status of all monitoring points, a history of pest activity and easy to download reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 24/7 monitoring of pest control. This is updated in real-time with information sent directly from the technician's smartphone app every time they attend your site.

To view the demo of Pest Alert, click here.

Rodent control

Rodents are a very common pest and most of us will come across this problem at least once in our lives, whether at home or at work.  We’re a leading rodent control company and have been dealing with this issue for decades.

There are a number of signs to look out for that might indicate the early stages of mice and rat infestations. These include spindle-shaped droppings, nesting material, a musty smell, damaged or spoilt food, and black or dark grey smear marks.

If you recognise any of these signs, you may be facing some rodent problems, but our expert technicians can offer a discreet rodent control solution to help you deal with them. This includes trapping, closing off access points, a ‘sniffer dog’ service, and advice on preventing the problem happening again. 

Services provided:
  • Rat infestation control
  • Mice infestation control
  • Mole control
  • CARE - Canine Assisted Rodent Eradication
  • Thermal imaging
  • Real-time pest management with eMitter notification system

From keeping employees safe from harmful pathogens, to preventing expensive property damage, dealing with rodent issues quickly and efficiently is vital – something which our expert teams specialise in.

Bird control

Most birds are a beautiful part of our wildlife. But with some species – such as pigeons and seagulls – becoming a major urban pest in recent times, many businesses are struggling to cope with damage caused to buildings and outdoor spaces, As one of the country’s leading providers of bird control services, we are able to keep your buildings pest free, for good.

From noise and smell problems, to parasitic insects spreading from birds nest, pest birds pose as much as a risk to humans as they do to buildings. In severe cases of bird infestations, a failure to deal with these pests could be putting your duty of care to your employees at risk.  

We work completely within the current legislative criteria and provide tailored bird control solutions including, but not restricted to:

Eviction – removing the risk
  • Netting - An effective solution for buildings preventing birds inhabiting a building
  • Ledge Protection - Blunt spikes which deter birds from perching on buildings
  • Repellent wire systems - A stainless steel post, wire and spring system fitted to ledges preventing birds from settling in your property
  • Avishock deterrent - A discrete wire strip system that shocks birds who try to land on it
Reduction – minimising the risk
  • Trapping - A humane way of getting rid of pests such as pigeons that takes place over a two week period
  • Shooting - Undertaken by trained, licensed professionals with air rifles, this is carried out in a discreet and humane manner
  • Nest and egg removal – used in conjunction with eviction methods, this is a humane and long term control
  • Hygiene services – This service cleans up any residue and debris that birds have caused

Whether you’re in the midst of an extensive bird pest issue, or you’re looking for cost-effective prevention measures, our bird control team will work with you to find the most practical solution. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Fly control

With many businesses now operating a seasonal open door policy, the risk of fly problems has continued to rise. Yet no matter how prepared you might think you are to combat flies, infestations can affect any property. As industry leaders in fly control solutions, we are able to provide advanced treatments to ensure your business remains fly-free during the summer months.

Recognised as one of the country’s leading providers of pest control solutions, we provide businesses with end-to-end fly control services. From small commercial outlets to extensive shopping centres, our teams have experience in working with businesses of all sizes.

Protect your business’ reputation with our fly control service

Flies can be a serious problem for any building where food is made or served. Fly infestations can cost these businesses serious money, not to mention possible problems with Health and Safety regulations and damage to reputation. 

We have expert food hygiene technicians with experience in controlling flies and our discreet fly control service offers a range of innovative measures, including

  • The design and fitting of fly screens
  • Supply and service of fly control units
  • Advanced insecticide treatments
  • Specialist monitors and fly killers
  • Advice on future fly control prevention
  • Wasp, Hornet and Bees nest removal
  • Moth infestation control

No matter what the size or market sector of your business, let our fly control experts help you maintain a cleaner, happier and fly-free workplace.

Insect control

Insects like bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, and wasps are a common problem, both at home and at work - but here at Mitie, we have the experts who can eliminate them. From small commercial premises, to vast industrial facilities, we combine industry-leading technology with decades of experience to provide peerless insect pest control solutions.

Whether you’ve seen signs of live or dead insects in your building, or perhaps something more extreme such as damage to your stock or food, early action is key to helping achieve the most effective solutions. But no matter what the scale of your issues, our team can offer comprehensive treatments to a wide range of pest control issues.

Services we provide include:
  • Bedbug control
  • Wasp control
  • Ant control
  • Cockroach control
  • Food attaching insects ie biscuit beetle
  • Textile moths
  • General nuisance insects

Using a structured and targeted approach, we use a number of industry leading techniques – utilising everything from steam technology to bespoke machinery – to help find the most practical solution available.

Our expert technicians also offer a discreet insect control service which includes online reporting, identifying insect pests, and advice on keeping your premises insect-free.