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The science of protecting people, property, and assets

At Mitie, we equip intelligence analysts with world-class technology to better manage and mitigate risk. Our business intelligence software, Merlin Protect 24/7 delivers key insights and proactively identifies emerging risks and recommends responses faster and more accurately.

And with our Intelligence Hub, we deliver proactive intelligence in real-time, coupled with market leading social media scanning software, global travel risk management feeds and expert intelligence analysts. This enables, Mitie to monitor, assess and respond to threats with fast and effective decision-making on the ground.

There’s a science to keeping your people, property and assets safe, and with a visit to our Intelligence Hub, you’ll see first hand how we are combining innovation and intelligence to deliver customer solutions with impact.

How Mitie helped a city centre property owner to protect people, property and assets using an agile, technology-enabled approach to security

Our clients wanted to move from inefficient, fixed cover security to a flexible, technology-backed solution.

  • 24/7 protection
  • Intelligent resource deployment
  • 48-hour implementation of bespoke security solution
  • 18,000 annual compliance checks
  • Over 300 referrals to StreetLink homeless charity in 2021

The owner and managing agent of multiple buildings on London’s Regent Street, wanted to transition from a labour intensive, siloed, fixed cover security model, to a more agile, technology-enabled approach. This would require a joined-up service that went beyond site-fixed personnel and with the resources to scale and flex according to threats and risks.

Mitie has made significant investment in people skills, intelligence and technology to protect people, property and assets. Best-in-class threat mitigation, from dynamic threat assessment to unrivalled incident management, is based on proactive intelligence. Using our Intelligence Hub and Merlin Protect 24/7 software, Mitie can proactively identify emerging risks and take measures to mitigate them.

Risk and intelligence-based people, property, and asset protection

A team of highly trained frontline security officers was formed to patrol buildings and provide focused protection based on risk and intelligence. Remote monitoring and analysis made it simpler to support the police with any requests. All systems are centrally managed at the dedicated Intelligence Hub with allocation of resources / operatives based on real-time data and analysis of risk and threat.

The Intelligence Hub works with Mitie’s network to ensure they are kept up to date with any activity that may affect businesses and buildings along Regent Street. On occasion Regent Street can become pedestrianised, which previously resulted in a blind spot for the team. In response, within 48 hours Mitie installed systems to give visibility of the entire length of the street, ensuring teams can be best positioned and remain aware of emerging risks and threats.

The whole of Regent Street has benefited from the security solution. Innovating with new technology and implementing a scientific approach to intelligent resource deployment has ensured the street remains protected. The team has also engaged with over 300 rough sleepers, working with the StreetLink charity to ensure they get the right help. The number of rough sleepers in the vicinity has therefore reduced considerably.

Protection of people, assets and environments 24/7, with reduced incidents and response times giving greater peace of mind. Mitie’s scientific approach to security ensures continuous improvements.

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