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Why outsource?

Whether you're considering outsourcing your services for the first time or you've been doing it for years, our breadth of services and expertise means that we can increase efficiencies, lower costs and improve energy performance.

Check out our top ten reasons why you should outsource your services to Mitie.

Why outsource
4. Innovation

We use our experience to share best practice across our contracts and bring innovative, new ideas to the table to improve services.

8. Flexibility

Outsourcing to us allows your operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when needed.

1. Focus

Cut out the headaches of managing your facilities, property and energy services. Outsourcing to us will free up your time so you can focus on the activities that are core to your business.

5. Transfer of risk

Transfer the risks of running your FM and property services to us. Whether it's the risks associated with employees or with delivering and managing your services, we will manage them for you.

9. Better management

We can provide better specialist FM and property management resources to bring control back to your property and FM services.

2. Save money

Our skills and management expertise can typically save a client 25% of its FM budget through efficiency savings, economies of scale and a reduction in overheads.

6. Better technology

We invest in innovative IT solutions on behalf of our clients to make sure they benefit from industry–leading tools that can help to improve the management of their properties, assets and services.

10. Motivated employees

People have more opportunities to develop and progress their careers working for a large outsourcing organisation, which increases motivation and stability.

3. Save energy

We can typically help clients to reduce their energy budgets by 15%, as well as offering capital investment opportunities for decentralised and renewable energy schemes.

7. Compliance

We can help companies to keep up to date and comply with complicated legislation and regulations relating to your properties, employees, energy and waste.

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