Case study 2 February 2020

Essex County Council – County Hall Workplace Efficiency study

The challenge

Within Essex County Council, there was a perception that their current office space was at capacity. They needed a partner that could both optimise space utilisation and identify opportunities to reduce costs. This included analysing how they could reduce the number of buildings on the County Hall campus.


A physical utilisation study was undertaken along with analysis of swipe card and room bookings data. This analysis was combined with focus groups and stakeholder interviews.


Contrary to building user perception, the findings identified significant underutilisation of office space.

As such, we were able to recommend a reduction in footprint of up to 35%, with associated cost savings/avoidance of up to £3.8m over 5 years.

Other information:

  • Daily occupancy in excess of 3,000
  • >1 desk per employee
  • 3 options identified to reduce footprint and cost
  • Potential to reduce footprint up to 35%
  • £3.8m savings opportunity over 5 years

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