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Why you might need a mobile security team

Businesses need to stay on the front foot when it comes to keeping their people, property and assets safe, especially from theft, damage, vandalism or other criminal activities. Robust protection must be balanced against budgetary reality, and mobile security patrol services can provide a thorough and cost-effective solution to your security needs. In this article, we’ll explore how they work and which services are right for your organisation.

Female security officer using a radio in front of escalators
A mobile security team can respond immediately to any issues and deal with them effectively

What is a mobile security team?

A mobile security team is a group of highly trained professionals that help protect a number of sites, but who are not permanently stationed on the premises. They travel between sites to act as a highly visible deterrent, through scheduled and random patrols, but they also check for any signs of damage, vandalism or break-ins.

If an issue arises, a mobile security team can respond immediately, or call for further assistance from the wider team or emergency services. This means that problems can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. As well as securing a property, they can also oversee any valuable items, equipment or vehicles, that are also on site.

Where are mobile security patrols needed?

There are many circumstances in which a mobile patrol security team can be of help to a business. In particular, buildings that are not used or occupied 24/7 can be vulnerable if criminals realise that they are vacant and unsecured at night.

Mobile security patrols at irregular times can give optimum coverage in the most cost-effective way.

Areas where mobile patrol security teams really come into their own include:

Vacant properties

When it is obvious that a property is empty, it can quickly become a target for vandalism, a temporary base for criminals, or in the case of some properties, a home for squatters.

Mobile security patrols can keep an eye on vacant buildings and, by attending regularly, they can give the impression, in the local area, that the building isn’t as empty as it might seem.

At Mitie, we have a dedicated void property inspection team, that can help you make sure your organisation complies with its building insurance requirements. We also conduct thorough risk assessments of sites to create bespoke security solutions that will keep your vacant properties safe.

Buildings containing high-value items

A mobile patrol team can help secure buildings that house valuable goods to make sure that any unusual activity is investigated rapidly and deter would-be criminals.

Mobile security teams can be particularly useful to patrol vacant properties and protect high-value items

Areas with high crime

As some parts of the UK have higher crime rates than others, businesses have to take different measures to protect their goods and premises. Not only can mobile patrol security services watch over your property, in vulnerable areas they can also act as a strong visual deterrent that tells anyone intending a break-in that the property is protected.

To deter repeat offenders

If a building is broken into, there is a higher risk of it being targeted again as the criminals involved know what is inside and the layout of the property. A mobile security team can demonstrate that you have taken steps to enhance the protection of the building, deterring repeat offenders and giving you peace of mind.

Is a mobile security team a good option for your business?

While mobile patrol security services are suitable for a wide variety of different organisations, they aren’t necessarily the best option for every business.

Mobile security teams represent a significant investment, which may only be justifiable if you have significant assets to protect or are at particular risk of criminal activities. If that doesn’t apply to your business, you may want to explore more cost-effective options like CCTV and alarm systems.

Monitoring over 10,000 CCTV and alarm connections, Mitie’s innovative, technology based approach, and end-to-end managed services, help us to provide customers with a comprehensive view of security in any environment.

Why choose mobile security with Mitie

As the UK’s largest intelligence and technology led security business, Mitie offers a range of mobile patrol security services to best fit your needs.

Our range of mobile security services includes our accredited key holding service to ensure rapid incident response, professional and fully screened security officers on patrol, inspection and security of vacant properties, and alarm response. We also use Detect, our leading wireless security system. It helps reduce unnecessary and costly callouts for false alarms by generating real-time incident images and targets appropriate action for any issues that arise.

Mitie offers a range of mobile patrol security services to best fit your needs

Interested? Enquire today!

Whatever the size of your premises, wherever you are in the UK, and whatever you have inside your premises, Mitie’s mobile security services are standing by to help. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your specific requirements.

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