News 17 May 2021

Mitie grows relationship with Scottish Government with seven-year contract

  • Mitie has won a seven-year contract to provide facilities management (FM) services for 70 of the Scottish Government’s sites, including research centres and the First Minister’s residence
  • The services include engineering and maintenance, waste management, grounds maintenance, security, energy management and cleaning
  • Using its sustainability and FM expertise, Mitie will help the Scottish Government implement solutions to cut carbon emissions across all sites

Mitie has extended its 13-year partnership with the Scottish Government with a new seven-year facilities management contract. The contract, which was awarded following a competitive tender, will see Mitie deliver key services for 70 sites across the country, ranging from offices and research centres through to Marine Scotland’s buildings and the First Minister’s residence.

Mitie will deliver engineering and maintenance, energy management, cleaning, security, grounds maintenance and waste management services. Ensuring that sites are safe for visitors and employees by providing these essential services will allow Mitie to continue playing a role in helping keep Scotland running.

Sustainability will be central to the contract, with Mitie working closely with the Scottish Government to design and implement a strategy to help cut carbon emissions across its estate. Mitie will start by auditing all 70 sites to collect data on water and energy consumption and to identify opportunities to make buildings more efficient.

Mitie will then use this data to help the Scottish Government set stretching sustainability targets and implement solutions to help it reach its net zero objective. For example, through its remote monitoring solutions, Mitie will keep track of the buildings’ environmental conditions – temperature and humidity – and adjust the air conditioning and heating settings to ensure the equipment is using as little energy as possible. Not only will this cut energy costs, it should also generate enough financial savings to fund further sustainability initiatives.

As part of the contract, Mitie will also use sensors that remotely monitor building equipment, such as air conditioning and boilers, to ensure it is working correctly and to raise the alarm should anything require maintenance or repair. This will help reduce downtime costs while also cutting carbon emissions from transport by reducing the number of engineer visits to the sites.

Drawing on Mitie’s landscaping expertise, the contract will improve the ecology surrounding Scottish Government’s buildings through initiatives, such as planting wildflowers and installing ‘bug hotels’, to encourage pollinators. Through Mitie Waste, it will also provide expert advice on actions to reduce the amount of waste produced across the sites. This can include using only products with reduced or biodegradable packaging to reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Technology will underpin the contract, with Mitie rolling-out Aria, its facilities management app, and Mozaic, its reporting platform. Through Aria, Scottish Government employees will be able to contact Mitie colleagues to raise issues, such as a leaky pipe that needs fixing or a light that needs replacing, directly. Meanwhile, Mozaic will allow site managers to access activity logs, including information on the number of jobs carried out and the time spent on each task, to ensure the Scottish Government is always up to date on the work being done across its estate.

Carlo Alloni, Managing Director, Technical Services and Integrated Facilities Management, Mitie, said:

“For the past thirteen years, we’ve been delivering key services for the Scottish Government and we’re very proud to see our efforts recognised with this new contract. We look forward to implementing our market leading technology and sharing our sustainability expertise to help the Scottish Government fight climate change and achieve its carbon emissions targets for its sites.”

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