News 30 November 2022

Mitie reveals eight key questions to address the FM industry’s most pressing issues

  • Mitie has collaborated with Nordic Foresight, the workplace and research consultancy, to identify the biggest challenges facing facilities management leaders today. 
  • Experts explore eight questions FM leaders must ask themselves as they navigate an ever-changing industry, with a focus on sustainability and the transformation of workspaces    
  • The paper shares insights from across the FM industry, offering a framework for the assessment of a company’s services and future plans

Mitie, the UK’s leading facilities management company, has today published its latest whitepaper: Accelerating Facilities Transformation.  

Following in-depth conversations with over 20 leading FM practitioners, Mitie has identified eight key questions decision-makers must ask themselves, as they navigate the industry’s transformation:  

  1. What is our pathway to net zero carbon? 
  2. Does our management team support flexible, hybrid working?  
  3. Are our workplaces commute worthy? 
  4. Are our spaces welcoming to everyone? 
  5. Do our workspaces meet our employees’ cognitive needs? 
  6. How do we develop our FM services as our organisation evolves? 
  7. How do we support our local communities?  
  8. Do our workspaces benefit from and support the circular economy?  

The research uncovered an increasing focus on sustainability and environmental goals, as more companies choose to invest in new ways to power buildings and reuse resources. In addition, adapting workplaces to meet changing employee needs and expectations also appeared to be a significant concern. 

Throughout the paper, Mitie shares expert insights from across the FM industry, offering practical ideas on how to tackle the most pressing challenges.  

To read this paper in full, please visit Mitie’s Science of Service® website page.

Phil Bentley, CEO, Mitie, said: 

“As the report makes clear, in order to survive, our sector must never stand still, but constantly evolve according to changing needs. Facilities management leaders should contemplate each question carefully and consider an appropriate response. In doing so, they will create robust and successful organisations that will survive and thrive through the transformation of their built estate, and whatever else the future may hold.” 

The Science of Service® is a registered Mitie trademark.

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