News 17 November 2023

Mitie showcases cutting-edge technology with the launch of its Facilities Transformation Hub

  • Mitie unveils its Facilities Transformation Hub at its headquarters in The Shard
  • With its pioneering technology-led approach, Mitie is helping customers to embrace five key mega-trends
  • The new Hub demonstrates a range of cutting-edge technology that Mitie is using to drive Facilities Transformation

Mitie has unveiled its Transformation Hub which demonstrates the cutting-edge technology it is using to drive Facilities Transformation. Based in its London headquarters in The Shard, the Hub showcases Mitie’s investment in the latest innovation to help customers embrace five key mega-trends:

  • Accelerating the path to net zero by reducing energy use and generating cleaner, greener power
  • Designing commute-worthy spaces to support hybrid working and creating great places to work
  • Ensuring buildings and equipment are working as efficiently and productively as possible
  • Providing clean and sustainable spaces, in the context of a post-pandemic world
  • Protecting people and property particularly in response to evolving threats and rising retail crime

The Hub includes a range of technology which illustrates how Mitie meeting evolving customer needs. This includes AI which presents a multitude of opportunities for the facilities management (FM) industry. For example, Mitie is making use of technology that is new to the FM industry to reinvent workplace design. Using ‘digital twins’, customers can reimagine and design commute-worthy spaces in virtual reality.

With the security industry facing rising threats of terrorism, cybercrime, and the increasing demand for the protection of private spaces, customers need better risk assurance. By introducing AI-enhanced CCTV that can help detect shoplifting or suspicious items, as well as cutting-edge biometric access control, businesses can reduce crime and create safer spaces. 

The Hub also showcases how Mitie is revolutionising FM services in the healthcare sector with its AI location-based task management system. Working on the principle of Right Time, Right Place, Right Person, the system automatically assigns tasks, such as cleaning and portering services, to the nearest available colleague, saving valuable time for clinical staff so they can focus on patient care.

Mitie is also harnessing the power of data and analytics to improve the efficiency of its customers’ buildings. Through remote digital maintenance, Mitie can track the performance of buildings and their equipment, such as heating and ventilation systems, in near-real time. This enables smarter decision making, with engineers able to pinpoint malfunctions and gain better insight to predict maintenance requirements before major issues arise.

By using software tools that model energy use across an entire estate, Mitie’s team of specialist Energy Managers can also help customers to accelerate towards net zero. Balancing environmental and cost benefits the team can identify priority sites for energy optimisation and build a picture of the best combination of renewable power solutions for each customer.

The robotic revolution includes specialist ‘spill detect’ cameras and robotic cleaning technologies, which supplement the work of expert cleaning operatives. Working alongside people, these ‘co-bots’ perform the more arduous tasks so colleagues can concentrate on more urgent or specialist jobs. The co-bots also come with additional environmental benefits. Over a year, Mitie’s fleet of robotic cleaners saves the equivalent of almost three Olympic-sized swimming pools of water compared to traditional mopping methods. In addition, Mitie’s intelligent cleaning platform, Merlin Connect, is bringing greater visibility and confidence with demand-led cleaning services.

Cijo Joseph, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Mitie, said:

“This is an exciting time for our industry, the needs of our customers are constantly evolving and so must we. By embracing new technology, we have the opportunity to rethink how we deliver our services, shifting from facilities management to facilities transformation. With our technology-led approach we’re creating safer, cleaner, more sustainable and efficient workspaces for our customers and our colleagues.”

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