News 28 April 2022

Mitie showcases latest innovation with the launch of its Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence

• Mitie has launched its new Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence, to showcase the latest innovation in cleaning science and technology
• Made up of six Zones, the new Centre in Birmingham demonstrates best practice in the sector, from UV light disinfection systems and robotics, to enzyme cleaning products and sustainable paper products
• Mitie has also launched a new campaign which showcases how the Science of Service®, which is powered by technology, driven by data and made exceptional by people, is the future of facilitates management

Mitie has launched a new Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence in Birmingham to showcase the latest products and service innovations in the cleaning industry. Featuring a broad range of science and technology, the Centre demonstrates how the Science of Service can ensure the highest cleaning standards, while limiting the impact the sector has on the environment.

With Covid-19 changing how we work and live, now, more than ever, businesses understand the value and importance of investing in cleaning. The pandemic, coupled with the ongoing climate crisis, has also driven the biggest acceleration of cleaning technology ever seen. With this in mind, Mitie has created its new Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence, which has been designed to bring together new equipment and solutions, test new products, develop market leading training for its cleaning colleagues, and trial new sustainability initiatives.

The centre consists of six zones, each highlighting how different solutions can drive innovation in the sector:

Zone 1 – The science of cleaning and hygiene: This fully operational, Health and Safety Executive accredited laboratory demonstrates the role science plays in cleaning innovation. The lab can be used to test and show the effectiveness of cleaning products, such as enzyme-based solutions
Zone 2 – Sector innovation: With Mitie’s customers spanning all sectors, from retail and offices to hospitals, manufacturing sites and travel hubs, this Zone focuses on the best equipment and technology to solve industry-specific issues
Zone 3 – People and operational excellence: Dedicated to its 25,000+ frontline colleagues, this Zone is used to demonstrate Mitie’s people-focused innovations, training programmes, and the ‘perfect cleaning cupboard’
Zone 4 – Sustainable and hygienic environments: In support of Mitie’s Plan Zero commitment to reduce its environmental impact, this Zone showcases sustainable solutions, from bamboo and sugar cane paper products, to energy-efficient robotics
Zone 5 – The immersive zone: This Zone offers a first-hand experience of Mitie’s specialist services, which can be experienced through virtual reality, such as cleaning at height
Zone 6 – The Science of Service: This zone showcases how powerful advances in technology can enable new ways of working, such as demand-led cleaning or occupancy tracking, to deliver greater efficiency in cleaning and hygiene

To ensure the Centre stays at the forefront of sector innovation, Mitie is constantly meeting with innovators that are developing solutions to create hygienic workspaces, while reducing the use of chemicals, water, and energy. This means that the displays will regularly rotate and change as new products and services are trialled.

Jason Towse, Managing Director, Business Services, Mitie said:

“We believe that it is the combination of our exceptional colleagues, backed by the latest innovation that means we can deliver the best for our customers. Leading an industry is both a privilege and a responsibility, which is why we are investing heavily in our people and technology, to accelerate the Science of Service.

“Technology and innovation not only ensures more hygienic spaces, it helps reduce our impact on the planet while also creating more fulfilling, skilled careers for our cleaning colleagues. As the UK’s largest provider of cleaning services, with a footprint covering hundreds of customers and thousands of sites, we are in a unique position to drive the industry forward. Hosting the future of our industry under one roof, the Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence is just the start.”

Mitie is pioneering a revolutionary way of delivering facilities management through the Science of Service® which combines innovation with intelligence, applying the power of technology to create lasting impact for both people and planet. Powered by technology, driven by data and made exceptional by people, learn more about how Mitie’s Science of Service is challenging the industry at

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