Cleaning & Hygiene Centre of Excellence

As part of Mitie’s continued commitment to excellence in cleaning and hygiene, we have opened the door to our new Centre of Excellence, based at our brand-new premises in Birmingham. A centrepiece of Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene Services, this purpose-built experience showcases our wide-ranging capabilities, the excellence of our people and processes, our commitment to innovation, and brings the science of cleaning to life.

The Science of Cleaning & Hygiene

In the Science of Cleaning & Hygiene zone, visitors will experience the latest scientific products and processes being tested and trialled before they are implemented with customers. As we enter a post-COVID world, there is more focus than ever on pathogen levels and cleanliness, with employers having more responsibility in protecting their colleagues and customers. The science of cleaning and hygiene is now fundamental to providing the assurance that environments are clean, safe, and sanitised.

A fully operational laboratory environment, The Lab encompasses the truly scientific approach to cleaning. The Lab enables us to test swabs taken at customer or prospective customer environments to verify the efficacy of their cleaning products and practices, as well as enabling the identification of bacteria, pathogens and viruses, playing a vital role in developing the appropriate strategies to eradicate them through new products, processes and innovations.

The continual exploration, testing and implementation of new products that benefit customers is essential to providing them with the hygienic and sanitised environments they demand. In this zone, the efficacy of products can be stringently tested, ensuring that only the most effective innovations are introduced to customers.

Showcasing the latest product innovations, from UV wands and torches to air purification systems and robotics. Mitie are constantly engaging with leading suppliers at the forefront of innovation, delivering and evaluating customer trials on only those products that have passed the stringent review of the experts in this zone.

Mitie have partnered with Luxibel, a global provider of UV Disinfection Systems, to introduce cutting-edge air cleansing UV technology. The Luxibel UVC (Ultraviolet) purification lamp uses the latest technology to eradicate numerous airborne and surface contaminants, ensuring indoor air and surfaces are extensively disinfected, fresh and hygienic.

Assurance is a core component Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene Services, implementing a variety of methods to test customers’ environments, such as ATP testing, to identify pathogens and meet the increased scientific expectation of a cleaning and hygiene service


Hours of cleaning delivered a year


Cleaning personnel employed across the UK


Square Feet of retail space cleaned every single day


International football pitches of retail space cleaned every day

Sector Innovation

Mitie are number one in: retail and shopping centres, healthcare, pharmaceutical, critical national infrastructure, government and public sector, and transport and aviation. Tailored towards your sector, you will be hosted by an experienced industry expert, demonstrating innovations that help overcome your unique requirements and challenges.

Sector Challenges

Whether returning to offices and workplaces, dealing with increased footfall in transport hubs, or protecting those in healthcare, we pride ourselves on working with our customers to fully understand their challenges, including those as a result of COVID-19, and how a holistic cleaning and hygiene solution can help overcome them.

Sector Innovation

Demonstrating our understanding of each sectors unique challenges, combined with the knowledge of our industry experts, in this zone we show how our constant focus on innovation enables us to deliver highly effective outcomes. Whether that is combining robotics and frontline heroes, supporting customers with specific sustainability challenges, or introducing equipment that overcomes a specific challenge, we can demonstrate it all.

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People & Operational Excellence

This zone introduces visitors to Mitie’s innovative processes for delivering operational excellence. Hear directly from a Frontline Hero about Mitie’s BICSc accredited training and the employee recognition and reward schemes. Visitors will be introduced to the concept of ‘The Perfect Cleaning Cupboard’ to drive efficiency in service delivery.

BICSc Accredited Training

Our people are only as effective as the training they are given, that’s why in addition to the already comprehensive training provided, Mitie have introduced BICSc accredited training for Cleaning Operatives. As proud BICSc supporters, Mitie are delighted to have the Chairman of BICSc front and centre of the Centre of Excellence.

Lorraine Davis

Frontline Heroes

Hear directly from one of Mitie’s Frontline Heroes, why they love working for Mitie, the training and benefits they receive, and the challenging environments that they work in. Among the industry-leading benefits Mitie’s people receive is a Virtual GP Service, life assurance, and a free and confidential Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Operational Excellence

Mitie’s operational efficiency is underpinned by proprietary business intelligence software, maximising the output of Frontline Heroes by ensuring they are deployed in the right place at the right time to deliver the most efficient service. Mitie also advocate the “Perfect Cleaning Cupboard”; a simple idea that sets the standard for every Cleaning Operative in the Mitie family.

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The cleaning cupboard

Sustainable & Hygienic Environments

A cornerstone of Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene Services is the commitment to sustainability. This approach to sustainability stems from Mitie’s Plan Zero initiative, an industry-leading commitment to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2025. Combined with a relentless focus on innovation, Mitie utilise technology to implement sustainable solutions that enable a reduction in waste and carbon emissions without compromising quality.

Safe & Sustainable Products

To reach the ambitious sustainability goals, Mitie have recognised the need to move away from harmful chemicals. Not only do these products enable a more effective cleaning solution, but the added safety of using non-hazardous products helps protect frontline heroes, and customers as well as the environment.

Safe Sustainable Sign

Sustainable Consumables

Mitie constantly review new, sustainable solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, the current trials we have implemented of bamboo and sugarcane products from Asia that have a lower carbon footprint versus recycled tissue made in the UK.

Sustainability & Robotics

Robotics don’t just deliver significant operational benefits, they also deliver significant sustainability benefits. Robotic vacuum cleaners are able to self-charge, self-empty and fill, and have features like water filtration that drastically reduce water consumption.

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The Immersive Zone

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and The Immersive Zone epitomises this commitment. Those that suffer from vertigo or motion sickness be wary, as this experience is not for the faint of heart.

Showcasing Our Specialist Cleaning Services

Offering a controlled environment for mimicking real-life scenarios, the Immersive Zone gives visitors first-hand experience of a number of our specialist cleaning services that would otherwise be impossible to demonstrate within the Cleaning & Hygiene Centre of Excellence.

The Immersive Zone

The Future of VR

Whilst these 360° videos make for an impressive introduction to Mitie’s specialist cleaning services, the ambitions for this technology extend well beyond immersive video experiences. The future being explored includes health and safety training, site familiarisation and connecting remote specialists to support Frontline Heroes.

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The Science of Service

Through innovative technology and improved processes, ‘The Science of Service’ is focused on delivering greater efficiency in Cleaning & Hygiene than ever before. Integrating powerful technology and systems to create a holistic picture ensures that the right resources are deployed in the right place, at the right time. Taking a demand-led approach to cleaning and hygiene, Mitie’s Science of Service is a revolutionary concept that is taking the industry into the future.


Integrating with multiple technologies, aggregating and analysing data, Merlin enables full visibility, empowering customers to make more informed decisions about their cleaning and hygiene solution. Tracking insight in real-time, Merlin ensures that resources are utilised in the most efficient way possible, minimise waste and ensure safe, sanitised environments are upheld.

Sensor Technology & Demand-led Cleaning

Enabling the tracking of building usage, monitoring the number of people entering / exiting a building, the population across floors, to the use of washrooms and consumables. This enables customers to implement a demand-led approach to cleaning, able to identify when an area was last cleaned, when a consumable needs replenishing, and ultimately, where resources need to be directed.

Sensors & Demand Led Cleaning

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Meet the Team

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Lorraine Davis

Director of Cleaning & Hygiene Services
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Nick Heath

Regional Director, Cleaning & Hygiene Services
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Robert Kneale

Regional Director, Cleaning & Hygiene Services
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Regional Director, Cleaning & Hygiene Services

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