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Embracing nature recovery: Grow your approach to Net Zero

Many organisations don’t realise nature recovery plays a critical role in reaching net zero. So, what’s it all about and how does it fit into your green efforts?

Benefits for organisations

Benefits of nature recovery include:

  • Better temperature control and cleaner air through living walls.
  • Improved water management using sustainable urban drainage systems.
  • Enhanced workplace wellbeing through the addition of more natural habitats.

Our customers are using two main strategies – a data-driven approach and a ‘land for nature‘ approach. The data-driven method involves measuring each site’s biodiversity levels, with an aim to increase them over 10 to 30 years. A ‘land for nature’ strategy makes spaces for nature on a property, benefiting both people and wildlife.

Overcoming potential roadblocks

You might face challenges when implementing your nature recovery strategies. These could include financial constraints, investment strategies, and adjusting to a more natural-looking landscape. Perhaps this is why 62% of our clients plan to act on nature recovery, but only 15% are actively moving forward.

Many organisations know they need to act but are unsure about next steps. Having discussions about which approach fits their particular needs helps close that gap and enables more organisations to include nature recovery in their net zero strategy.

Actions for a greener future

Here’s a few ways to assist nature recovery:

  1. Measure your current biodiversity levels. Set a starting point to monitor your progress and find the areas that need work.
  2. Create spaces for nature. Designate parts of your property for natural habitats and ecosystems.
  3. Bring in nature-friendly solutions. Install living walls, use sustainable urban drainage systems, and create spaces that encourage wellbeing.
  4. Work with experts. Talk to environmental professionals to find the right nature recovery strategies for your organisation.
  5. Communicate and educate. Increase awareness about the value of nature recovery among employees and stakeholders.

Including nature recovery in your net zero strategy is a big win. You’ll not only boost sustainability but also improve employee wellbeing and support essential ecosystems.

With more organisations joining the conversation, now’s the time to act and create a plan that fits your specific needs. Let’s work together to protect our environment, shaping a greener, brighter future for all.

Insights from Don Holmes, Head of Natural Environment at Mitie.

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