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The numbers behind the journey to net zero

The pressure on organisations to achieve net zero is intensifying – and that’s putting more emphasis on carbon reporting and reduction.

To understand some of the biggest challenges you face when it comes to your emissions, we undertook a carbon reporting study – surveying 500 senior managers in large UK organisations who are involved in decision making or knowledgeable about ESG reporting.

To begin, you need efficient, accurate carbon accounting

1) 50% of organisations have a semi-automated system in place for collecting data related to carbon reporting…

2) … And 14% are still collecting data manually.

3) In total, 33% of organisations are not confident about predicting their energy usage, despite the use of technology.

Even with the right data, reporting can take up valuable time and effort

4) 78% of respondents believe they need to improve the efficiency of their carbon reporting tools and solutions.

5) 63% believe their organisation should consider outsourcing to a managed service to free up internal resources…

6) … What’s more, 70% of organisations feel that using third-party providers for carbon reporting reduces the chance of attracting accusations of greenwashing.

What else is standing in the way of Net Zero?

7) 41% of respondents cite cost as a significant barrier to implementing a carbon reduction solution.

8) 34% say the time required to implement solutions is a barrier and 33% highlight a shortage of internal knowledge.

9) Overall, 77% of respondents believe that there is a skills shortage in the market for corporate ESG experts…

10) … And 58% believe they need more support than they already have.

Simplify carbon reporting and reduction today

Talk to us about how our Emissions Intelligence service helps you benchmark, report and reduce your carbon emissions more accurately and efficiently. Our experts will help you turn your data into a meaningful decarbonisation strategy to accelerate your net zero ambitions.