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Immigration services

We work closely with the Home Office to provide a safe and secure approach to immigration service delivery. Our Care & Custody business was the first true entrant to the justice market in over ten years, bringing a new approach to justice and immigration services.

We're now the largest single private sector provider of immigration detention services to the Home Office, managing Campsfield House and Heathrow immigration removal centres (IRCs) and caring for over 1,200 detainees.

We understand the challenges and complexities that come with managing and operating IRCs. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of support services, including: safety, security, welfare, accommodation, activities, education, and catering for detainees.

We pride ourselves on providing detainees with a safe and secure immigration detention environment, which promotes respect and an understanding of cultural differences, as well as safeguarding their well-being.

We put our unique approach into action every day, in the way we treat everyone at our centres: detainees, visitors, and the people that work for us.

The team

Colin Dobell

Managing Director
Care + Custody

Danny Spencer

Operations Director
People Services

Steve Morley

Business Development Director
Care & Custody