Your journey to a zero emission fleet

As a fleet operator defining a clear strategy to transition your fleet to zero emissions is a must. e-Insights unlocks the power of your data to define your fleet strategies.

How Data Will Power Your Transition

to a Zero Emission Fleet

Commercial fleets represent 3 in 5 of the new cars on the road. The upcoming 2030 ban on ICE vehicle sales is therefore a major challenge for fleet operators.

OEMs have made significant to accelerate the roll-out of EVs, and business leaders now need to ensure their own organisations are ready to act. Developing a strategy to replace your diesel and petrol vehicles is imperative.

Establishing your strategy requires an understanding of a range of issues including: the cost and carbon savings to be achieved by switching to EVs, the most appropriate vehicle replacement programme to meet your business needs and; the charging infrastructure required to support your future electric fleet.

Fleet e-Insights is developed by Mitie in collaboration with DNV, leading independent energy experts and technical advisors.

The platform visualises your organisations transition to a zero emissions fleet. In a simple platform each step of your fleet transition is analysed and presented.

Acting as a one stop shop e-Insights informs and accelerates your decision making, enabling you to optimise and successfully deliver your transition to an electric fleet.

e-Insights will answer the following questions

  • Which EVs are suitable replacements for your ICE fleet?
  • Which vehicles should be replaced as a priority?
  • What EV charging solution should you deploy?
  • What are the cost savings you could achieve?
  • What are the carbon savings you could achieve?
  • What is your charging strategy, at home, on site and on-the-go?

“e-Insights turns your data into insight, optimising your strategy to transition your fleet to zero emissions.”

Alex Avila, Head of E-mobility and EV solutions, Mitie




Unlocking the power of your data

e-Insights visualises each step of your fleet transition journey, informing and optimising your strategy.

Fleet Electrification Status

e-Insights user-friendly, digital dashboard provides a visual and interactive overview of your fleet and its operation. The dashboard includes energy consumption per vehicle, emissions, mileage statistics, and a categorisation of all vehicles depending on the assessed ease of electrification. The dashboard also highlights the overall outcomes and benefits from transitioning to an electric fleet. This includes the savings in CO2 emission’s, Whole life cost financial savings for your business, including reduction in fuel costs and the total cost of ownership savings including maintenance.

Implications of the transition

e-Insights assesses every vehicle in your fleet categorising the “ease of electrification”. This measure identifies the prioritisation of vehicles to electrify through assessing the vehicle specification and the present driving patterns. Data used includes the distance driven, the route taken, and stop off and parking locations including sleep time. The platform collates the information with a continuously updated database of available electric vehicles, to produce a recommendation on the optimal electric vehicle replacement for every vehicle in your fleet that will match your business needs.

Required charging infrastructure

e-Insights provides bespoke insight into the charging infrastructure required for your fleet. By collating fleet information and driving characteristics, the dashboard displays a heatmap of the location of your chargers and highlights hot spots with a high density of vehicle travel where charger deployment should be enhanced. Such insight provides valuable information to help optimise the location and size of the required 4 charging network. e-Insights is capable of utilising and analysing a variety of fleet data inputs including full telematics or standard milage capture information.

Powerful data visualisations

Cost & Carbon – View the cost and carbon saving implications of switching your fleet, broken down by vehicle type and use case, to inform segments to transition first.

Strategy Performance – Monitor and track progress of your fleet’s decarbonisation, reporting on relevant KPIs to ensure targets are met and evidencing achievement of net zero goals.

Charging Infrastructure – Deploy and scale your EV charging network based on data and local demand patterns.

A complete solution

Transitioning your fleet to zero emissions is going to play an important part of your organisations’ net zero goals. e-Insights will provide data to achieve your broader ambitions.

e-Insights will optimise your fleet strategy

  • A clear vision for the future of your zero emission fleet.
  • A plan underpinned by data and supporting internal business cases Strategies prioritised by vehicle and user types
  • Infrastructure deployment strategies informed by data Full visibility of cost and carbon savings
  • Ongoing monitoring of fleet transition progress and performance
  • Data to evidence your organisational net zero achievements.

Turnkey fleet transition

Plan Zero e-Mobility Consultants support customers in developing their fleet transition strategy and understanding the implications of switching to EVs.

  • Consultancy – Advisory services to address challenges and opportunities of transitioning to EVs and adopting sustainable transport.
  • Solution Design – Fully scoped and priced EV solutions tailored to meet your business needs and challenges.
  • Build & Install – Turnkey implementation and end-to-end provision of multiple engineering disciplines under a seamless delivery model.
  • Data Insight – Data management, insights and reporting on EV fleet operations and charging network usage, including broader energy footprint.
  • Technology – Fully technology agnostic for both hardware and software, including solutions that consider charging requirements from different vehicle segments across all locations.
  • O&M – Maintenance programmes to support existing and new charging infrastructure to guarantee asset operations and performance, underpinned by stringent SLAs.
  • Finance – Various funding solutions to support your transition to a zero emissions fleet, including capex and opex offerings as well as fully funded options.