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The Cost of Carbon and how to mitigate risk

Carbon prices are expected to rise significantly in the next decade due to tougher climate goals. We explore what the impact of this and how to manage it.

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Carbon Pricing is widely considered to be a fundamental instrument to drive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This paper examines carbon pricing in detail; why it exists, how it works, why we need it, and how to manage and mitigate the risks to your business.

A perfect storm for the energy markets: what a difference a year makes…

Not just another piece on today’s climbing energy prices.  This article draws comparisons between the post-Covid personal / business world and the post-Covid energy world over the past 12 months.

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Energy Markets Briefing note – Winter 21

Global gas markets are in uncharted territory which is not surprising considering how tumultuous 2020 was for the world. The gas supply correction last year, following relatively minor gas demand destruction, has had the unintended consequence of a super-tight gas market across the globe in 2021.

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Do you have a strategy to decarbonise your organisations?

Last year Mitie developed strategies to reduce over 375,000 tonnes of carbon. Discover how Plan Zero uses data to eliminate climate risk from your business.

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Webinar: The Carbon Challenge

In May ‘21, the Benchmark EU Carbon price hit €55/t for the first time and prices are predicted to exceed €100/t by 2030.  Unless organisations act quickly the impact will soon be felt on their bottom line.

Hear from experts in the fields of energy research, decarbonisation solutions and policy development to find out how your organisation can mitigate the risks. We welcomed speakers (from Rolls Royce and UoS) who shared their experience and plans to reduce their organisation’s carbon impact with low carbon heating and renewable technology solutions.

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Is your green energy costing the earth?

Mitie is a specialist in procuring energy and managing carbon, currently advising on over £1.6bn of annual energy spend. Plan Zero Smart Energy Procurement provides specialist support for the procurement, management and monitoring & validation of utilities consumption and spend.  We help our customers maximise opportunities to reduce carbon and to minimise cost.

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Plan Zero

Mitie’s knowledge of customer estates, combined with our ability to execute a zero carbon strategy from assessment through to delivery is, we believe, unrivalled. We help organisations go further, faster, for less.

This is Plan Zero.

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