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Clean, safe environments are crucial to maintaining the productivity and wellbeing of your customers and employees.

We pride ourselves in offering the UK’s widest capability of self-delivered cleaning services, providing assurances to our customers that their environments are exceptionally clean, through an outstanding value for money service that enhances their performance, perception and reputation.


Our team of experts deliver thorough kitchen deep cleans for commercial and industrial kitchens, removing the germs and bacteria that accumulate in grease deposits around the kitchen and food preparation space to ensure all areas of your kitchen meet strict legislation.

Alongside our kitchen deep cleans we offer a duct cleaning service that can remove the dirt, debris and flammable materials from these ducts, prolonging the equipment’s life and ensuring your kitchen remains compliant with government legislation.


A key area for the retail and logistics sectors, we supported our customers to ensure their cold storage facilities remained operational.

In these temperature-controlled environments, thanks to the nature of items contained within, only specific cleaning products can be used to not disrupt or affect them.

Utilising specialist products, our specially trained Cleaning Operatives keep these essential facilities safe and germ free.


Through precise methods, our biotechnicians clean all surfaces in a cleanroom, including ceilings and floors, to ensure all surfaces are suitable for the environment.

Implementing specific products, our teams utilise strong antibacterial agents to ensure the maximum removal of bacteria and particles. To ensure the correct use, our biotechnicians are all trained and tested in a practice environment before being permitted to undertake work inside a cleanroom environment.

The inside of a sterile white room, with an employee dressed in white PPE cleaning one of the walls


The products and chemicals created within laboratory settings can be particularly sensitive, often required an environment with a level of cleanliness that far exceeds the usual standards. Therefore, the cleaning of a laboratory environment is particularly important, requiring a meticulous process to ensure that areas meet the strict requirements needed to conduct work on site.

Through precise methods, Mitie biotechnicians clean all surfaces in a laboratory, including ceilings and floors, to ensure all surfaces are suitable for the environment. Implementing specific products, our teams utilise strong antibacterial agents to ensure the maximum removal of bacteria and particles.

Food Production

We understand that in the Food and Hygiene sector, QHSE and hygiene standards are business critical when it comes to cleaning. Our LiveSafe standards ensure we always put health and safety first with every customer. We deliver high quality solutions in the safest possible way and always adhere to Lean Six Sigma competencies to continuously improve operational efficiencies.

Our dedicated management team has extensive expertise in food standards, ensuring that wherever we have an interaction with food hygiene we work based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), in line with current legislation and cleaning and manufacturing requirements.

Data Centres

With various electronic equipment contained within, it is imperative that the correct equipment and products are used. Through our trained specialists, we self-deliver detailed cleans of data centres, using non-static products, to ensure they face no down time due to the build up of dust and dirt.

With the world relying more upon technology than ever, and data becoming ever more powerful, maintaining these critical sites is paramount to the operation of the country, and keeping them clean is top of the priority list.


Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene is one of the largest cleaning providers in the country. We pride ourselves on offering the widest capability of self-delivered cleaning services in the UK.

Washrooms are an important part of your working environment, probably more than you realise. Your washrooms speak volumes about your organisation and its hygiene standards, potentially affecting how people perceive your company. Providing a clean, pleasant and safe washroom is one of the most important cleaning rituals for your company to maintain.

At Mitie, we provide demand-led, service optimised and smart washroom management. By implementing live washroom usage tracking, we are able to determine when cleaning is required, and what specific set of facilities requires attention at that time. In order to achieve this, we retrospectively install at our cost, through our investment in excellence, a revolutionary PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) system linked to a SmartThings Hub. This simple unobtrusive beacon records washroom usage and footfall throughout the day. This data is then sent to our web system, which triggers a text message to our staff that directs their attention and resources to the area in which it is most needed.

Maintaining a clean workplace for employees not only makes for a healthier working environment, but can also demonstrably improve employee productivity, increase motivation and boost morale.

We deliver comprehensive office cleaning services to help you create an exceptional environment for your employees that enables them to deliver their best work.

We offer these services to all types of office facilities, from high street banking outlets to large scale multi-site operations, as well as million sq. ft. plus single sites in both the blue chip and public sectors. In every situation individual business requirements can be significantly different in each building and location, from historic finishes through to state of the art designs, and our broad range of skills and experience enables us to provide solutions for all needs.

Our cleaning experts and industry-leading solutions can ensure all your IT equipment is cleaned and decontaminated effectively without disruption to employee productivity or interference with operation, ensuring this equipment can continue to be the technological backbone of your business.

We complement this with our CitroxProtect wipes to enable your staff to treat their own
IT equipment or personal phones, ensuring that their equipment is sanitised. Thanks to the pandemic, touchpoint surfaces at your location face more scrutiny than ever before. Ensuring high-touch areas are safe is now a primary concern, however, one potentially neglected area is ATMs. Whether internal or external, ATMs remain a high-traffic area for your colleagues and the public alike, sometimes acting as the only point of contact between a customer and your location. With multiple users in swift succession, keeping ATMs clean and sanitised to prevent cross-infection is a critical element of a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Our dedicated teams across the UK ensure that any ATM on your premises remains clean, safe, and protected, giving reassurance that you have taken all necessary steps to protect your colleagues and the public.

We offer professional high-pressure jet washing services, with variable pressures to cater for all building and material types, from more delicate services to listed buildings.

All of our cleaning professionals receive thorough training for all of our pressure processes and equipment, equipping them with the relevant knowledge to deal with the varying buildings and surfaces they will encounter, and providing you with assurances that your buildings and properties are in safe hands.

Our skilled and dedicated self-delivery window cleaning teams use industry leading methods to achieve the highest quality and safety driven results.

We offer a variety of window cleaning options, including traditional window cleaning, reach & wash systems (utilising a pole through which pure water is fed to a brush at the end), abseil (otherwise known as ‘rope access’ and performed by highly-trained specialists,) MEWP access (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms), and cradle cleaning (utilising a suspended cradle that descends down the face of the building).

Our ongoing investment in the latest equipment and utilisation of new technologies, now sees 80% of our commercial window cleaning work being carried out by ladderless cleaning, 15% by access systems, and only 5% utilising more traditional ladder type works.

We are a repeat award-winner of ROSPA’s Gold Award for health and safety in the workplace, a testament to our ability to provide outstanding cleaning service whilst maintaining the health and wellbeing of our colleagues.

We have over 2,500 colleagues qualified to work at height and conduct a wide range of cleaning services across multiple sectors.

Our trained colleagues deliver solutions including builders and process commission cleans, solar panel (PV) cleans, guttering and roofs, internal and external atriums, cladding and brickwork and high-level window cleans.

High-level cleaning work will always require trained specialists, and we are proud to self-deliver our solutions. Through expert management and careful planning, we ensure all our work at height is conducted in line with industry best practice and is compliant with all required legislation.

As an in-house delivery service, carpet cleaning is one of the most important elements of a comprehensive cleaning solution, with carpets often harbouring dirt, germs or allergens that can prove to be harmful if left untreated.

We provide a variety of specialised carpet cleaning services that are tailored to the specific needs of your business and your carpets, including shampooing, Cimex encapsulation, hot water extraction, and the most sustainable option, steam cleans.

We offer these services to all types of office facilities, from high street banking outlets to large scale multi-site operations, as well as million sq. ft. plus single sites in both the blue chip and public sectors.

Often forgotten in the world of cleaning, car parks are a customer’s first impression of your business, and first impressions count.

Whether it’s unsightly graffiti, discarded chewing gum, or oil stains, our car park cleaning professionals come equipped with years of experience in outdoor cleaning practices to maintain the appearance of your car parks. In addition, maintaining these important revenue streams can be crucial to attract customers and ensure return visits.

Whether it’s an independent car park, multi-storey, local council, or a shopping centre in need of a comprehensive car park cleaning service, we have the dedicated personnel, expertise, and equipment to help you maintain them.

An often-challenging task, our experts have access to a wide range of specialist products and solutions to assist with biohazard clean ups. From the safe disposal and clean up of needles and paraphernalia, to cleaning up after accidents and incidents on railways, our experts know how to sensitively handle all situations.

Safety to the public and our people is paramount which is why anyone working in our biohazard cleaning teams is supplied with all the correct PPE, appropriate biohazard cleaning products and equipment to keep them safe, whilst simultaneously having open conversations to ensure they are fully aware of the types of situations they may be required to assist with and are comfortable delivering these services.

Discreetly and efficiently cleaning in these situations is difficult, but our highly-trained operatives ensure a comprehensive clean is delivered effectively to ensure normal service can be resumed as soon as possible.

With the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns resulting in more and more premises being unoccupied for extended periods of time, the risk of workplaces and properties being subjected to unwanted vandalism and graffiti has never been greater, with unsightly imagery and messaging potentially causing significant damage to a business’ perception and reputation.

Graffiti can prove particularly troublesome to remove safely without harming the underlying surface. Our team of specialists are equipped with a variety of solutions, including lower pressure systems for areas needing a more delicate touch, to remove graffiti regardless of the material or surface that they are on.

Trusted by Network Rail, our experts ensure that any unsightly graffiti is swiftly removed without disrupting your business and operations.

We have highly skilled operatives that provide strip & seal solutions protecting your floor from scuffs and marks that can accumulate from regular use and in high-traffic areas. Deep cleaning the floor’s surface before applying a coat of sealer that protects the flooring beneath from the wear and tear of everyday use, our strip and seal solutions can drastically improve the condition and appearance of your flooring.

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