Report 13 December 2022

Throwing the book won’t start a new chapter

Mitie works with founder of the Unlocking Potential consultancy, Gethin Jones, to design prison services focused on rehabilitation. In this article, Gethin shares unique insight on helping offenders turn over a new leaf, and…

Report 30 November 2022

Get ready for facilities transformation

How can FM leaders face the challenging headwinds of today’s business world head-on? In the Mitie Science of Service® white paper, we set out to highlight the most pressing issues in facilities management, and…

Report 13 October 2022

Soft power is key to solid prisoner transformation

Over many years working with prisoners, I have never wavered from my belief in a restorative, rehabilitative culture. People may mutter about this being the soft approach, but I would argue to the contrary….

Report 3 October 2022

Mitie’s ESG targets are in the bag

Saving 40,000 plastic bin liners from landfill is just one example of Mitie’s ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) achievements. Our latest ESG Report details how Mitie has met or exceeded all 13 annual social…