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Our clients trust us to deliver and innovate services in document and information management for them. Sometimes clients need us to deliver services within their building (on-site) or in our dedicated off-site facilities, or both. We can do it. Our trusted team will give you the peace of mind that your confidential documents are managed by the experts. So if you need digital information management, traditional or innovative document management solutions or perhaps some advice on how best to manage your records & archiving, get in touch and let’s explore how we can help.

Introducing Mitie Connect, your document management partner.

Meet the team

James Gilding

Managing Director

James joined Mitie in 2004, during his time as Commercial Director for the security division, James succeeded in securing...

Mike Ferris

Operations Director

Mike has a wealth of experience in document management and distribution operations...

Pat Fox

Operations Director

Pat has worked for Mitie team for over 10 years and has extensive industry knowledge, especially within...

Lizzie Griffiths

Professional Services Manager

Lizzie spent her early career working within customer services, developing and delivering skills...

Richard Bartkow

Commercial and Supply Chain Director

Richard is an accomplished procurement professional with extensive experience...

Lois Collins

Account Director

As a founder member of Connect (formerly Total Document Management) Lois has carried out a wide variety...

Mark Paul

IT and Infrastructure Manager

A founder member of Connect, Mark has over 20 years experience heading IT functions.  As a former mail operative...