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Mitie Energy is a specialist provider of integrated energy services, working with our clients to develop smarter ways to procure, manage and optimise energy consumption, and create effective solutions tailored to their specific environments.

See how our energy expertise can help you reach your business goals.

End-to-end energy management


We’ve got all the accreditations you would expect from a company delivering a first class service. We were the first to become FCA accredited and continue to push for commercial transparency within the energy industry. In addition to FCA, our Procurement CIP and Analytical IPMVP accreditations reinforce our position as the most trusted partner in the market. Our service provides all you need to implement an effective Energy Management System to the ISO 50001 standard and opens the door to doing business with other organisations who prescribe to this standard.

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  • FCA Accreditation

    FCA Accreditation

    Our team of experts are fully FCA accredited, and we continue to push for commercial transparency in the industry.



    Our analytical IPMVP certifications assure that our experts have the training and experience to help you meet your energy needs.

  • Procurement CIP

    Procurement CIP

    Our CIPS approved certification reinforces our position as a trusted industry supplier.


We’re uniquely placed to provide end-to-end services covering energy procurement, price risk management, compliance, consumption analytics and volume management solutions. Our comprehensive suite of products and services support our customers wherever they are on their energy journey, and we tailor our approach to meet their specific needs. With almost 200 energy experts, our award winning services can help your business achieve its energy goals.

Our essentials products focus on helping businesses manage energy prices and drive value to the bottom line, while managing the growing burden of legislation. As one of the largest energy buyers in the UK we can choose the right energy product for each client, and ensure the price they pay remains competitive in an ever changing market. We also keep our clients compliant at all times by keeping on top of changes to regulations and legislation and maximising the opportunities they present.


Our analytics services enable your business to better understand when and where you use energy. We can help you review, monitor and forecast your energy consumption and costs, from individual buildings to entire portfolios.

On the supply side our dedicated data analytics teams will evaluate your historical spend and help you recoup any overpayments, and our monitoring and targeting solutions are helping our clients to reduce their future spend.

On the Demand side our teams are able to provide management and response solutions to establish hard savings for our clients, along with our real-time analytical reporting helping deliver optimisation plans and deliver demonstrable consumption reduction. This can be done on the basis of an Energy Performance Contract model.

Our services are underpinned by our industry leading Remote Operating Centre, where experienced engineers remotely monitor and assess data received from our clients’ buildings. They can remotely make changes via a Building Management System, or provide analytical diagnostics to the onsite team to help them make adjustments for optimisation.


Our solutions help our clients achieve their business goals. Whether your aim is energy reduction, carbon savings or asset flexibility we can advise on and implement the best solution. Our team of energy experts can manage and deliver a range of strategies such as power purchase agreements, new infrastructure to generate your own energy, and optimisation of building management systems. We specialise in Energy Performance Contracts driving our teams to maximise opportunities over the long term. We tailor our approach to the needs of every client to help you unlock the full benefit of your investments, ranging from providing a dedicated in-house energy manager through to offering national energy management coverage. Our focus is to help you achieve payback in shorter periods, securing savings long into the future.

Our newly launched Intelligent Buildings proposition is already helping our customers redefine the way they manage their buildings through continuous live monitoring of energy, asset and workplace data.