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Mitec technology centre

Mitec is our disaster recovery and technology centre, central to all of our communications and technology services. Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and accredited to NSI Gold Cat II ARC BS 5979, this hub empowers us to provide a comprehensive incident management service.

Mitie is one the UK’s foremost integrators of innovative technology-based security solutions and end-to-end managed services.

CCTV, alarm and BMS monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring and maintenance – protecting your people, customers, buildings and assets 24 hours a day

  • Improved site security through trained and focused monitoring operators
  • Prevention of loss through real-time reaction to situations
  • Reporting of daily remote maintenance and fault finding
  • Protection for your employees working alone
  • Live intervention for incident management and prevention; and
  • Identification of situations where additional manpower is needed.

Intruder/fire/BMS alarm monitoring – reassurance for any eventuality

  • Comprehensive incident reporting
  • Rapid dispatch of emergency services and key holders for optimum response times; and
  • Detection and prevention of false alarms.

Remote guarding and virtual patrols – reducing physical manpower with virtual security patrols

  • Reduction of manpower following a risk-based review of your needs
  • Remote access control through virtual gatehouse management
  • Increase security efficiency and effectiveness; and
  • Maintain security levels and achieve cost savings.


Competence and data management system: the most advanced system of its kind in the UK.
Validate creates a safer environment through advanced smartcard technology; electronically authenticating ID and competencies for everyone on site, improving and streamlining frontline processes. 

  • Faster onsite registration times with electronic smart card scanning
  • Reliable and up to date register of people and their competences
  • Safer operations with improved protection for lone workers
  • Efficient management of HR data including right to work and screening
  • Support via helpdesks and online.

For Sentinel, we developed a bespoke product called the new Sentinel, replacing the old paper based system, which has revolutionised the rail industry and received a UK Rail Industry Award.

"Sentinel is the passport for working on our network safely. Technology has moved on apace since we introduced Sentinel originally in 1999 and the opportunity to take advantage of smartcard and smartphone technology will take Sentinel to the next level and also provide us with benefits that we haven't seen before."

Gareth Llewellyn
Director, Safety and Sustainable Development, Network Rail

Vehicle tracking and asset tracking

Real-time monitoring for enhanced security.

Your vehicles and assets can be tracked giving you peace of mind that your vehicles are totally visible at all times increasing your productivity, customer service and safety and security of your drivers and cargo.

  • Timed routes for monitoring of expected arrival times
  • Corridor mapping which will send an alert if a vehicle goes off route
  • Geo-fence ring compounds for automatic alerts when a vehicle arrives at its destination
  • Covert CCTV and panic alarms can be fitted to vehicles; and
  • Automated control of vehicle doors, tail lift, and engine management controlled remotely by us or full control if driver is under duress.

Remote lock and unlock

A more reliable, flexible and cost-effective way of securing your buildings. 

Remote lock and unlock services are the ideal way to secure your building. Our new innovative remote locking and unlocking service removes the need for physical attendance, increasing the reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of securing a premises out of hours.

You can be confident that the buildings you are responsible for are locked at the set time every day and unlocked ready for your employees to gain access.

Choice and flexibility to suit your business

Via the installation of a Tyco Security Products access control system and an ASDL connection that will enable the doors to be remotely locked and unlocked, you can choose the times that suit your business and you can even set different lock/unlock times for different doors in the building.

Following a site survey to confirm the type of door, internet access and access to power, we will install the Kantech access control system. Our specialist installation team will manage the whole process from checking the suitability of your doors right through to turning on the service. We are a security services company that specialise in remote unlocking and locking so you can rely on us to keep your premises secure at all times.

Command and control

As a communications hub, Mitec is able to take command of any emergency situation and take control remotely of your security systems, supporting your business right through to resolution.

Disaster response and incident management – keeping you operational in any situation.

  • Remote monitoring of all building management and security systems in the event of premises evacuation
  • Emergency situation central command facility to manage communications in the event of serious incidents for real-time updates and situation awareness
  • Central control of response and incident management through standard operating procedures
  • Helpline for staff in the event of an accident or serious incident; and
  • Remote transfer of all control room operations for business continuity.

Our helpdesk capability can support you in the event of an incident or provide regular back-up to your business day and night.

  • Internal coverage
  • Travel assistance
  • Out of hours support
  • Emergency helplines; and
  • Advisory services. 

Remote monitoring

Mitec is our remote monitoring and technology centre, central to all of our communications and technology services. Operational 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year and accredited to NSI Gold Cat II ARC BS 5979, this hub empowers us to provide a comprehensive command and control and incident management service.

Remote monitoring services can reduce your exposure to risk and increase the effectiveness of your security. You can be confident that the services we provide you with today can be updated in the future to continually meet your needs as the systems used in Mitec were selected to be future proof.

Our alarm receiving centre offers a range of industry-leading monitoring services, including:

  • Incident management services
  • Remote CCTV monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Remote locking services
  • Lone worker protection
  • Intruder, fire and BMS alarm remote monitoring
  • Remote guarding and virtual patrols
  • Help desks
  • Full out-sourced control room pods

Built with triplicate redundancy of core systems and early warning fire alarm and gas detection systems, Mitec is resilient to operational risks meaning the protection of your business is handled in one of the most durable facilities in the UK.

The operator pods can be configured to meet your remote monitoring needs and we have teams dedicated to key holding services creating specialists with advanced skills.

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