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At Mitie we harness the latest technology to identify and eliminate risks to your operations. And with organisations facing unprecedented levels of change from multiple angles, we have a wide variety of solutions to help you de-risk your operations.

Our Technical Services Operations Centre managed by remote engineering teams, monitors over 50,000 critical assets every day to ensure everything is performing as it should. Predicting issues, reducing downtime and connecting engineers to real time data and insights via Augmented Reality ensures any problems are fixed first time.

This enables us to ensure buildings are operating at maximum efficiency and assets are fully optimised. And with access to all the data behind your operations on our Mozaic dashboard, you will have a single view across your estate.

We have also supported our clients in getting their people and customers back to the workplace safely, dramatically reduced their energy bills, and optimised workspaces to ensure they are utilised efficiently.

There’s a science to keeping your operations running efficiently and effectively, and with a visit to our Technical Services Operations Centre, you’ll see first-hand how we are combining innovation and intelligence to deliver customer solutions with impact.

How Mitie helped Britain get back to work with cutting-edge UVC air disinfection systems

UVC light for disinfectant

Key Highlights

  • 99.994% of airborne viruses eradicated
  • Almost 600 units deployed
  • BS EN 62471:2008 accredited
  • Improved building user confidence

Multiple clients were looking for a solution to disinfect and refresh the air, not only reducing transmission of viruses like Covid-19, but contributing to productivity, wellbeing and confidence

As Britain got back to business following multiple lockdowns, organisations knew they had to reassure employees, clients and guests that they were doing all they could to provide safe environments.
Throughout offices, airports, shopping centres and elsewhere, viruses and harmful bacteria are just some of the agents known to circulate.

In addition to Government clean air intake and building air quality legislation, wellbeing, productivity, staff attraction and footfall must be considered if building users really are to breathe easier and with confidence.

With this in mind, Mitie set out to implement a comprehensive air-quality solution.

Why they chose Mitie

Putting people and clients first, Mitie offers an exclusive suite of products, meticulous cleaning, and intuitive remote monitoring and workplace solutions to create safe, enhanced work environments.

Easily installed UVC air disinfection technology creates safe environments at the speed of light

Mitie partnered with Luxibel, a global provider of UVC Air Disinfection Systems to deliver UVC disinfection technology. UVC has been scientifically proven to eradicate 99.999% of airborne viruses and its efficacy at disinfecting air and surfaces has been acknowledged by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and the Health and Safety Executive.

Visibility of the solution was seen as an essential part of providing reassurance and confidence that appropriate safety measures were in place. Building audits identified the requirements for each client’s spaces and the devices were installed quickly with minimal disruption.

The Result

Clients report that the presence of the units has helped to build colleague and customer confidence. They are cost-effective too; minimal maintenance includes a six-monthly filter check by on-site maintenance teams.

The UVC units complement Mitie’s Connected Workspace technology, through which air is consistently monitored for levels of CO2, humidity and temperature. Adjustments are made to optimise building user comfort and productivity accordingly. By linking to Mitie’s 24/7 Technical Services Operations Centre, faults and issues can be diagnosed remotely, ensuring maximum uptime.

By combining the UVC units’ functionality with revised and enhanced cleaning regimes, Mitie supported customers to provide appropriate reassurance that it was safe for Britain to go back to work.


  • Safe – Comprehensive safety mechanism ensures zero risk of prolonged UVC exposure.
  • Effective – UVC has been proven to be effective against waterborne and airborne pathogenic microorganisms and many other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.
  • Measurable – Disinfection is directly related to UVC dose and effectiveness can be easily measured with the Direct units.
  • Rapid results – UVC works at the speed of light.
  • Affordable – Installations are quick, efficient and cause minimal disruption, with limited ongoing maintenance.
  • Chemical Free – UVC technology leaves no residue on surfaces, in water or in air.
  • Versatile – Mitie offers a temporary or permanent scalable solution for all public places.

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