Mitie UVC Disinfection Systems

Combining our exceptional skills and expertise, Mitie have partnered with Luxibel, a global provider of UVC Disinfection Systems suppliers, to introduce cutting-edge air cleansing technology to support customers and enhance the safety assurance in properties.

Mitie in partnership with Luxibel – UVC Disinfection Systems

In a post-covid world, never compromise on air quality.

Harmful bacteria, viruses and toxic gases are just some of the agents known to circulate indoors. But in offices, airports, shopping centres and public and private spaces, building users can breathe easy with Mitie’s air disinfection technology.

The Luxibel UVC (Ultraviolet) purification lamp uses the latest technology to blitz a number of known airborne and surface contaminants, ensuring indoor air and surfaces are extensively disinfected, fresh and clean, maintaining peace of mind for colleagues, clients and guests alike. This chemical-free innovation can be installed as a wall-mounted unit, concealed within existing vents or even disguised as a ceiling tile.

They help protect against airborne pathogens, creating a safer and more beneficial indoor environment with the power of light.

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Bouncing Back Brochure

Our latest guide details how Mitie’s experts and unrivaled product offering can support your organisation to return to the workplace safely, productively and efficiently and will guide you step-by-step in the return to work with our extensive Mitie COVID-19 assured checklists.

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