What’s the role of property in achieving Net Zero?

The chances are your organisation is among the growing number with a net zero pledge in place. Reportedly, buildings account for 25% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions*. For organisations that are serious about their net zero commitments, decarbonising property must take priority. So, how will yours achieve net zero while you operate from buildings that don’t meet the required standards?

*Source: UKGBC

Net Zero Propety

Download: The role of property in achieving net zero and how to go further, faster

The role of property in achieving net zero was the topic of debate, at the first in a series of strategic conversations hosted by Mitie. Senior industry leaders, from different organisations with substantial property portfolios, had a full and frank debate about the challenges.

Download the report to discover the biggest issues that organisations are facing and how the industry is working together to go further, faster.

Plan Zero Solutions

Carbon reduction is no longer an option. Tightening regulations, essential ESG compliance and the obligation we all have to protect our environment, means practical, cost-effective solutions are vital.

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