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The key to great security is understanding your threats and vulnerabilities and having a clear strategy to manage them holistically. Our experts in threat, risk and resilience provide assurance, intelligence and consulting services to give you an end-to-end risk solution that ensures your assets and employees are protected.

Bouncing Back: Building the future workspace

Our latest brochure details how Mitie’s experts and unrivalled product offering can support your organisation to return to the workplace safely, productively and efficiently and will guide you step-by-step in the return to work with our extensive Mitie COVID-19 assured checklists.

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Our Services

We can help prevent your organisation from suffering reputational harm, financial losses, damage to property and injury to life. We do this by helping to define policies and protocols that protect your people, assets, information and infrastructure. Our services include intelligence alerts, investigations, threat analysis, penetration testing, risk assessments and live scenario testing.

Managing risk

We offer a number of services to help you identify, prevent and manage risks to your people, assets and environments.

Should a major incident occur near one of your locations, we use technology to provide up-to-date information as soon as it is available. This helps your local security team to take appropriate courses of action to protect your people, assets and environments. Our human-led approach identifies the threat, conducts quick analysis and provides actionable insight. And after an incident we conduct a thorough debrief to help you identify any learnings from the event and improve future security.

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Utilising our global resources, we can provide detailed risk assessments for any overseas travel your staff are undertaking. We can investigate specific geographies and identify any potential risks. We then pass this intelligence onto your security teams to take decisions on the safety of your planned travel. In addition, with employees’ permission, we can track them and communicate with them should they be travelling to a potentially unsafe location.

We actively monitor threats across the UK and beyond using open source data and our relationships with government agencies and security bodies. Our expert open source analysts can monitor upcoming activities that may pose a risk to your security and business continuity. We assess these threats and provide insights to you, ensuring that your local teams can take appropriate proactive, preventative measures.

Working collaboratively with your teams and data, we can draw upon our team’s extensive previous experience in the Metropolitan Police, military and government to assist in police investigations into crime groups or repeat offenders. A member of the government agency intelligence network, we are adept at open source investigations and at reviewing prolific offenders and identifying links to wider crime groups.

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Penetration tests are an important part of creating and maintaining your security solution. They help to identify security flaws, increase officers’ motivation, provide an understanding of the level of risk to the facility and ensure that current processes in place are robust enough to combat the threat. We can conduct thorough penetration testing at your locations, tailoring the tests to your requirements and providing a detailed report with recommendations based upon the outcome.

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Risk management involves identifying, evaluating and prioritising risks. This should be a regular process, repeated to include reviews of assets, risks and control measures in place.

We can perform risk assessments on your assets and environments to identify vulnerabilities and threats and provide a risk score. This score can then be used to determine appropriate risk prevention measures.

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Live exercises test your frontline staff to see how they respond in pressure situations and how quickly they act. This might include how quickly they can lock down a building, for example. These exercises also allow you to observe how your security teams interact, not only with one another but also with other security teams who may be present in the same building.

We provide detailed exercise programs to ensure your staff are prepared for any eventuality and know the correct procedures to follow.

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Insights & News

Article 25 November 2021

Mitie wins prestigious IWFM and Green Apple awards for Plan Zero initiative and is in the running to land more

Mitie is a recipient of the revered IWFM Impact Award for Positive Climate Action 2021.
The award recognises Plan Zero, Mitie’s ambitious 2025 net zero operational carbon target celebrating the significant progress Mitie has already made in reducing emissions. IWFM also identifies how Plan Zero is using Mitie’s in-house expertise to deliver solutions for clients, saving customers 353,000 tonnes of carbon.

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