Case study 2 February 2020

Co-op – resourcing a demanding mobilisation

The challenge

In 8 weeks, we needed to mobilise a security services contract across 350 Co-op stores nationally.

The outgoing supplier was subcontracting out 30% of the hours, and as such, these Officers were not subject to TUPE Manning levels.


To meet this extremely demanding mobilisation schedule, we sought, identified and appointed a dedicated Account Director.


A national recruitment was deployed and although timelines were extremely demanding, 100% of vacancies, including 3 dedicated management roles, were recruited for contract go live.

This was one of our most successful mobilisations to date, and our relationship with Co-op goes from strength to strength:

“Mitie provided us with a seamless mobilisation into contract go live, a huge credit and thanks goes to our Account Director…the comms were consistent, and ownership was great. All sites went live, in line with the mobilisation plan in addition to rolling out the MI platform, Merlin.”

Senior Procurement Lead, Co-op

More information

To drive and deliver service excellence through MI transparency, Merlin Protect 24/7, our propriety online security task and incident management system platform, is deployed on the contract.

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