Case study 2 February 2020

Intelligence in the capital: An Extinction Rebellion Case Study


In October 2019, the climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion planned a mass-mobilisation on an unprecedented scale. It was a well-resourced, highly-coordinated community that planned to descend upon London with the objective to “shut down Westminster”.

Mitie’s Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) made this a top priority, providing intelligence to help customers plan their security and ensure they had deployed sufficient resource to minimise the impact to their businesses.

The GSOC delivered relevant, timely and actionable intelligence taken from open sources of information, for customers, enabling them to continue business as usual. This was done through a variety of means, including pre-Rebellion reporting, a webinar giving details of the known plans and a WhatsApp group with regular updates, enabling customers to plan and prioritise their security accordingly.

Over the two-week period the GSOC delivered over 300 intelligence reports and covered over 100 planned Extinction Rebellion protests and events.

This level of intelligence was truly industry-leading, affirming Mitie’s position as the leader in intelligence-led security services.

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