Case study 2 February 2020

Vodafone – achieving World Class accreditation

The challenge

Vodafone required an outstanding front of house service partner that could deliver exceptional visitor experience, service innovation, seamless site management, and at the same time flex to constantly changing business needs.


The relationship between Signature and Vodafone started in 2011. We continuously monitor how we deliver our service, looking at the changing demands of users and ensuring we offer the right service fit. Service improvements have included:

  • A Virtual Reception system that allows us to manage check in quickly and effectively, without the need for additional staff.

  • New Customer Experience Manager positions – to improve communication with the client across each site, we implemented a new role of regional Customer Experience Manager (CEM). Since the CEMs have been in place, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction levels.

In addition, by working with other service partners/departments and cross training our team, we have managed to reduce resource requirements without impacting service.


The Signature Vodafone team has achieved a World Class accreditation from the Institute of Hospitality’s Quality Standard, Hospitality Assured.

The accreditation process encourages businesses to look at their operation from the customer’s perspective and identify any improvements.

The assessment was carried out in March 2017 – our team achieved a score of 78.6%, above the 75% benchmark officially marked as ‘World Class’ and the highest score given to any company in the facilities management sector.

“Vodafone has been on a journey to introduce a more business-like approach to the way we deliver facilities management, ensuring we constantly seek to review and improve the service we offer to our customers.

Working closely with Mitie and Hospitality Assured has allowed us to be absolutely customer focused and ensure we are constantly redefining the FM delivery model. I am really proud of the team and have no doubt we can build on this success.’’

David Fry, Head of Property, Vodafone

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