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Decoding decarbonisation: Unlock potential and cut costs

In the past year, the UK’s energy prices rollercoaster has left many of us with whiplash. But now that seems to be steadying, it’s the perfect opportunity to crank up your organisation’s decarbonisation activities.

Debunking decarbonisation myths

What’s stopping organisations from embracing decarbonisation? For some, it might seem like an issue beyond their control, too costly or simply not their responsibility. But here’s the truth: it is achievable, and there are plenty of benefits.

The beauty of a well-developed decarbonisation strategy is that it focuses on energy reduction – which, in turn, leads to cost savings. Now that’s a business case worth exploring. By assisting customers in developing and delivering net zero strategies, we’re helping them navigate the path from conception to completion.

Four key steps to building a decarbonisation strategy

So, how can your organisation start building a solid decarbonisation strategy? Chart your course with these steps:

  1. Understand the problem. Get to grips with your organisation’s emissions and energy consumption levels. This provides a clear starting point for your net zero carbon journey.
  2. Map out a plan. Create a comprehensive action plan that outlines the steps needed to reduce your energy use and decrease emissions. This should include short-term and long-term goals, as well as the tools and resources needed to achieve them.
  3. Break down the benefits. Communicate the advantages to decision-makers within your organisation. Highlight the cost savings that come with reduced energy use, along with the positive impact on your organisation’s green credentials.
  4. Seek expert support. Partner with consultants and experts who can help deliver your decarbonisation strategy, from consultancy to physical implementation. Having a robust support network can be invaluable in overcoming hurdles and bringing your plan to life.

Ahead of the game

Decarbonisation isn’t just about cutting emissions (although that’s very important). It also helps save your organisation money and builds a greener future. By embracing decarbonisation, you’re showing your commitment to sustainability and presenting your organisation as an eco-friendly leader.

So, don’t wait. Kick off your decarbonisation journey now and enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs and a cleaner, greener world.

Insights from Mike Sewell, Plan Zero Director at Mitie.

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