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As the capital of England, and largest city in the country, London and its businesses face significant risks and threats every day. We help businesses stay on the front foot to protect their people, assets and environments, through an intelligence and technology led approach.

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We take a scientific approach to security through the implementation of actionable intelligence, innovative technology and exceptional people and expertise, helping businesses in London remain one step ahead.

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Securing London through Intelligence, Technology & People

Through an industry-leading combination of intelligence, technology, and people, Mitie are best placed to keep customers and their guests safe in London. Using our dedicated solutions and innovation roadmap, Mitie’s scientific approach to service demonstrates a clear and defined method of securing leading organisations throughout the capital.

The threat landscape has changed significantly in London over recent years, and with the upcoming Protect Duty legislation, there will be greater responsibility for many locations in London. It is therefore imperative that those operating in the capital take an intelligence-led approach to tackling security, to ensure not only legislative compliance, but also to ensure they have done everything possible to secure their people, assets and environments.

For customers in London, where it is often high value people or assets that need protecting, ensuring intelligent technology is implemented is of immense importance. With greater control on access permissions, as well as cameras that can automatically alert in real-time, our modern security systems are almost purpose built for the London environment.

Without the best people, delivering an effective, efficient and comprehensive security solution is not possible. To create high functioning teams, we connect our people with the latest technology and actionable intelligence. This allows the introduction of more proactive solutions, with real-time intelligence enabling resources to be utilised in the most effective and efficient way to manage and mitigate risks.

How Mitie is keeping London Secure

Through Mitie’s science of service approach, utilising innovation and intelligence to deliver impact, we can more effectively deliver efficient, effective and integrated solutions, giving our customers assurance and keeping London secure.

Supporting London through intelligence

Our industry-leading, award-winning Intelligence Hub is the heart of our intelligence network, collating and analysing insight from multiple sources to provide our customers actionable intelligence that empowers them to make more informed security decisions.

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Preparing London for Protect Duty

Working collaboratively with Mitie, you can ensure that your business has implemented the physical security measures required to keep your customers and colleagues safe, iteratively improving policies and procedures and ensuring your personnel are equipped to deal with any issue in the event of a terrorist incident. Our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and the size of your business, and are focused on any relevant potential incidents that would need to be managed.

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Integrated solutions to secure London

As the first contact for many when entering a building, the Front of House teams are truly on the frontline of securing your location. Integrating Mitie Security Officers with Perception Front of House teams ensures a truly connected approach to securing your people, assets and environments, not only providing a memorable experience for guests and colleagues, but one that is safe and secure for the entirety of their visit.

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Securing the capital through collaboration

Mitie are proud to be a leader in the private security sector, however, over recent years it has become more and more apparent that collectively, the security industry must do more to bridge the gap between the public and private sector. Mitie are at the forefront of trailblazing collaborations with the aim of creating better communication across the industry and ultimately, more secure environments for customers and the public.

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