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Sustainability is about so much more than energy saving light bulbs. It's about ensuring our future through responsible behaviours and doing the right thing, such as creating an inclusive workplace that attracts and retains talent, embedding our values into our supply chain, and yes, reducing our carbon footprint.

Mitie Social Value Report 2018/19

We take great pride in our contribution to life in the UK and Ireland; over the last two years we have strived to place social value at the heart of our agenda. The new Mitie Social Value Report 2018/19 celebrates our achievements so far, while laying the groundwork for greater achievements to come.

Download the Mitie Social Value Report 2018/19

The Mitie Foundation

The Mitie Foundation is an independent charity with a vision to change lives for people of all backgrounds by improving their opportunities to join the world of work, widening their aspirations and unlocking their true potential.

Explore the Foundation's charity work on mitiefoundation.com

Download The Mitie Foundation's 2017 annual report

Gender Pay Reporting

Mitie Group plc has conducted a gender pay review for 2018 in accordance with the UK Government’s gender pay gap regulations. Our formal gender pay gap report is available here.

Our 2017 gender pay gap report is available here.