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How can robots revolutionise your office cleaning?

Increased innovation is leading to cleaning solutions that deliver maximum efficiency without compromising on the quality or finish.

One of those technological innovations, the robotic cleaner, has become central to modern cleaning and hygiene solutions. The robots can fulfil specific duties, like floor cleaning, as they work their way around a room or office environment, while the regular cleaning team completes other tasks.

Yellow robotic cleaner patrolling a utility corridor
Robotic cleaners that can fulfil specific duties have become central to modern cleaning solutions

Part of the growth in the popularity of robotic cleaners is down to their ability to deliver efficient services that are also more environmentally sustainable. The technology has advanced to the point where it is now a practical, viable option for most businesses.

So how can your business benefit from using them? And how can you deploy them in a way that suits your needs? This quick guide explains all.

The main benefits of using cleaning robots

With the right cleaning robots in place for your business premises, you’ll find that the benefits go beyond keeping your workplace spotless.

Sensors & Demand Led Cleaning with Mitie Lionsbot
Cleaning robots are efficient in both resources and time, leaving your human cleaning team more time in areas where their skills are needed most

Efficient task completion

Robots can deliver a consistent level of cleaning on your premises, complementing the work done by your existing cleaning team. Their routes around the building can be optimised to cover the greatest area, in the shortest amount of time, and help to speed up the cleaning process in large-scale environments. Also, robots can work 24/7, with the occasional pause to recharge, which means they can clean when the office is closed, without bothering your colleagues.

Reduced energy and water use

The efficient ways in which cleaning robots operate mean that the resources used in the cleaning process can be optimised. They use exactly the amount of water they need to clean a surface and no more. Also, taking the shortest routes around the building means they use less electricity and don’t need to recharge as often, as they go about their business.

Your cleaning team can focus on what matters most

While robots can take care of many cleaning duties, there are many others where the efforts of your cleaning team are required. By letting robots take care of the more mundane, repetitive and time-consuming work, your cleaners can devote more time to the areas where their skills are needed the most.

To make sure of the best possible service delivery, it is essential that your business focuses on getting the right balance between the technology and your dedicated cleaning teams.

How can Mitie help you get the right cleaning robots for your business?

At Mitie, we deliver a comprehensive range of robotic solutions while continuing to test the latest innovations. Our equipment is at the forefront of robotic cleaning technology and includes advanced scrubber driers and vacuum cleaners, as well as more recent innovations like UV and misting robotics. Staying up to date with the latest technology means we can deliver a blended approach for our customers.

Our range of robotic solutions is already being used by our clients in transport and aviation, retail, pharmaceutical and critical national infrastructure, and the public and private sectors.

Mitie employee demonstrating how to use a robotic floor cleaner at the Centre and Hygiene Centre of Excellence
Mitie demonstrates various cleaning robots at the Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence

How our robotic cleaners helped a leading retailer become more efficient

One customer, a leading retailer, wanted to improve cleaning efficiencies at their head office, a building spanning 15 floors of varying sizes. They wanted innovative solutions that could provide efficiencies without reducing the quality of cleans. Our team responded by trialling ECO Bot 40 robotic vacuums on eight floors of their building, for four months, to show what they could do.

Thanks to the productivity savings of 23% delivered by the robotic vacuums, the cleaning teams had time to focus on other areas and provided an enhanced overall service to the customer. As a result of the trial, the robotic vacuums are permanently on-site and used mainly at night while the building is empty. This minimises any impact on the working day.

If you’d like to find out the best way to deploy cleaning robots in your organisation, look no further than Mitie. Our support goes well beyond the products and services we provide. We also help you understand and explore the latest technologies that can maximise cleanliness in your working environment. Our state-of-the-art Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence, in Birmingham, allows you to explore, first-hand, the innovations and processes that bring the science of cleaning to life.

Find out more about the cleaning and hygiene services we offer here, and if you’d like to know how we can meet your specific requirements, get in touch with the team. 

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