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How can technology improve productivity?

Technology in the workplace can sometimes be a distraction, especially with a smartphone in every hand and social media a few clicks away. But modern technology is nothing if not versatile and there are many ways it can boost productivity in the workplace.

At its most fundamental, technology helps us to get things done. Each evolution enables business operations to become faster, leaner and more efficient. In business, that generally means increased collaboration, operational efficiency and on-time project delivery. Organisations adopting advanced technology often see better profitability and increased competitiveness.

Technology can enable business operations to become faster, leaner and more efficient

Four ways that workplace technology can improve productivity

Let’s take a quick look at some ways that workplace technology enhances how we use our buildings, drive efficiency and significantly boost productivity.

1. Improving the efficiency of maintenance tasks

Traditional predictive maintenance checks need precise management, correct record keeping, and enough staff to run them manually. Such tasks are vital, but they tend to be repetitive, time-consuming and potentially more prone to error. Regular checks might flag up faults, but they are less likely to be picked up before they cause problems.

In the built environment, remote monitoring of assets, like heating and ventilation systems, enabled by sensors and AI technology, makes their maintenance more efficient. Computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) tools, linked to building management systems, make it easier for developing faults to be detected, logged and, in many cases, fixed remotely.

Where a remote fix is not possible, engineers are sent on site to repair the affected equipment armed with all the relevant data. It means that engineers can save time by only going where they are needed and it reduces associated costs.

2. Enhancing the employee experience

Specialist business apps add an extra level of efficiency to daily tasks. If employees can work effectively, without having to worry about having the right tools to hand, they are likely to get more done.

The team at Mitie developed the Aria app to enable people to connect to the services that make their daily tasks easier. It includes handy applications that allow them to book desks, and meeting rooms, on the move and order refreshments delivered on arrival. Aria also allows employees to report building maintenance issues and get them solved before they cause problems.

It’s not only the technology on employees’ desks, or in their hands, which affects their experience and productivity. Comfort levels in the workplace also make a difference. At Mitie, we use environmental sensors to remotely monitor and control factors, including temperature, lighting and air quality, to optimise comfort levels. The real-time data we gather for customers, is analysed by our specialist teams to identify opportunities to enhance their workplace experience.

If employees are happy in the workplace, and feel enabled by the technology, that all helps to improve productivity.

Specialist business apps can allow employees to work more effectively

3. Elevating performance to new heights

At Mitie, we are taking facilities management to the next level with the connected engineer. When on site, our national network of engineers and apprentices can be supported, via augmented reality headsets that connect them in real time to specialists in our Services Operations Centre. This gives them live access to additional expertise, including technicians who can ‘see what they see’ and provide extra guidance to fix issues faster. This means increased first-time fixes and an extra layer of assurance for our customers.

4. Frees up valuable time

The intelligent use of technology helps colleagues to make better use of their valuable time, and it’s not just about the engineers. Advances in robotics mean that specialist activities like cleaning also benefit. For example, Mitie’s cleaning teams regularly work alongside our robotic cleaners in hospitals and other buildings. Our robotic scrubber-driers have sensors, with 360-degree view, which allows them to work independently and safely. Meanwhile, our cleaning teams can focus on other tasks and less accessible areas that need a more personal touch.

The Mitie solution

Mitie is one of the UK’s largest facilities management specialists. Technology and people are at the heart of what we do. We provide a full range of workplace technology services to help them be exceptional every day.

Robotic cleaners can allow human cleaning teams to make better use of their valuable time

We’ve embraced industry leading innovation, and combined it with data-led intelligence, in an approach we call the Science of Service. Working closely with our customers we use the latest technologies to create truly connected workspaces that boost productivity. As part of that process, our Services Operations Centre monitors more than 50,000 critical assets for customers daily.

Our customers rely on us to predict and fix maintenance issues before they become a problem. We make sure your workplaces run efficiently so that your people can focus on what they do best.

Interested in finding out how Mitie’s technology led approach to FM can positively impact your business productivity? Enquire today!

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