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What are the best office security systems?

In this article, we’ll explore the essentials in office security systems, and the latest innovations that can help your organisation deliver robust protection.

The essentials in office security

Specific office security requirements and priorities vary, but there are some elements that are best practice for most organisations. And a holistic approach uses a blend of technology and people power to achieve a well-rounded and thorough security system. The essentials might include a combination of the following:

Sensors and alarms

Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology means that your alarms can now be linked to sensors to measure almost anything. Examples include movement, light, sound, temperature, smoke and water leaks.

This is useful, not just for deterring intruders, but can also support a quick and effective response to fire risks, for example, Mitie’s fire and security specialists combine the skills of experienced local service engineers, backed up by remote monitoring systems, to offer comprehensive security and fire services.

Security personnel

The visible presence of highly trained and well-equipped security personnel is an essential element of a thorough approach to security.

Integrated security technology can feed information to your teams on the ground, and it’s important that they are equipped to act on it. This may include specialised training and outfitting, including ‘guest service training’, if they need to support members of the public.

Mitie male security guard in a suit standing at the bottom of escalators
A blend of technology and people power achieves a thorough security system


High-quality imagery and audio capturing can generate a clear picture of any suspicious activity in and around your premises. This footage is then stored on servers, or in the cloud, for future reference.

CCTV is important not just for the security of your premises, but it also benefits the surrounding community. By acting as a visible deterrent, it reduces risk and provides an added level of security.

Remote monitoring capabilities

Remote monitoring helps to keep you and your staff constantly in the loop. It’s essential for managing multiple offices and increases the speed of response to malicious activity. CCTV and alarm systems can be monitored from anywhere, with instant notifications when issues require attention or intervention.

Some of the latest trends in office security

Beyond the essentials, you can explore some of the latest technological innovations to further improve your building security system. A technology driven approach to security means you don’t necessarily have to put more security measures in place. It can help you use what you have in smarter, more cohesive ways:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI can reduce the risk of human error and support security professionals in the assessment of potential security risks. For example, AI can be used to identify people and assess whether they should (or shouldn’t) be on your premises.

AI can also explore patterns in behaviour to determine whether a person’s intent is malicious or not. It has the advantage of being able to process huge volumes of data more quickly, and more accurately, than people. And, any suspicious activity can be flagged up, immediately, to you or your colleagues for a rapid response on the ground.

Also, when it comes to networks and computer systems, AI is a crucial tool in the fight against cyber-attacks. The knowledge that it’s working in the background, 24/7, can provide peace-of-mind for stakeholders in organisations of all sizes.

Thermal image of people entering a building, in colours of orange and purple
Biometric technology, such as facial recognition or iris scans, can deliver an extra level of protection

Improved access control measures

Many criminal activities in offices can be traced back to unauthorised access to buildings. Strengthening access controls can reduce the risk and make it more difficult for unauthorised personnel to enter your premises.

This is equally important for the security of your computers. Adding comprehensive authentication measures will help protect your organisation’s information, and that of your customers. And logging all access attempts will provide a clear, real-time view of who’s in your buildings and networks.

Biometric technology

Biometrics can deliver an extra level of protection. And the most cost-effective way of using biometrics is fingerprint technology which facilitates access at a highly individual level.

Organisations like government departments, banks and data centres, need increasingly advanced and reliable solutions to protect their assets. Solutions include facial recognition, iris scans, and even technology that recognises the veins in employees’ hands.

Mobile credentials

The use of mobile apps is a growing trend in advancing access control measures. Most of us have the technology on our smartphones to enable us to make secure mobile payments. By using similar technology, employees’ phones can replace their access cards and badges.

This is a very secure method of office entry, as many mobile devices already use multi-factor authentication, including biometrics. This prevents them from being shared by different people in the way that a badge or card could be. Also, most people already carry a smartphone, so it’s one less thing for them to remember to bring to work each day.

Cyber threat intelligence

For organisations of any size, keeping data and applications safe is just as important as keeping physical assets safe.

With cybercrime on the rise, cyber threat intelligence makes it quicker and easier to detect potential threats. And steps can be taken to defend against them, by drawing on the insights from different data sources to identify potential risks proactively.

Mitie Intelligence Hub with employees sitting at desks with computers and big screens
Mitie’s Intelligence Hub provides customers with real-time alerts and threat analysis

Understanding the motives and targets of whoever is behind the threat allows better decisions about the response. At Mitie, our specialist team, Esoteric, helps customers to evaluate the risk posed to their people, assets and environments. Our services combine tailored security advice and intelligence-driven counter-espionage solutions to mitigate the risks.

Enquire now to see how Mitie can support your office security systems

If you want to enhance the security of your organisation, partnering with Mitie gives you access to the protection you need. We work with customers to prevent exposure to risks of reputational harm, financial losses, damage to property and injury to life.

Our Intelligence Hub provides customers with real-time intelligence alerts, threat analysis, penetration testing, risk assessments, embedded assurance managers, live scenario testing, TSCM and counter-espionage solutions.

Our extensive experience means we can access whichever technologies you want to explore, and ensure they’re deployed and managed in the right way. To discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with our team today.

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