News 17 April 2024

Mitie invests in future UK talent donating £2 million in Apprenticeship Levy gifting pledges

  • Mitie has pledged £2 million in Apprenticeship Levy gifting funds, supporting a range of organisations across the UK to develop future talent
  • With a targeted approach to gifting, since 2021 Mitie has been supporting local communities, groups with barriers to employment, and smaller organisations in the industries it works in
  • Mitie’s most recent collaboration is with the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to support apprenticeship schemes for women in STEM roles

Mitie has passed the £2 million milestone for its Apprenticeship Levy gifting pledges, which has enabled over 30 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and local community services across the United Kingdom to fund apprenticeship schemes for future talent. With less than 3% of Levy-paying employers gifting Levy funding to SMEs, this makes Mitie one of just 580 companies investing unspent Levy funds to support their local communities(1).

With more than 1,200 colleagues undertaking an apprenticeship at any one time, in a diverse range of areas from Heat Pump Engineers and Data Technicians to Security Officers, Business Administration and Project Management, Mitie champions apprenticeships as a cornerstone for the development of its workforce. As a large business, Mitie pays into the Apprenticeship Levy each year, with this money used to fund apprenticeship training and development for both its existing colleagues and new recruits. Recent changes to the Levy mean organisations can also gift up to 50%(2) (previously 25%) of the previous year’s contributions to other organisations to develop their future talent pipeline through apprenticeship schemes.

Since its introduction in 2021, Mitie’s Apprenticeship Levy gifting programme has supported a range of SMEs in the industries it works in to plug skills gaps in the engineering, construction, data, and digital sectors. For example, Mitie has worked with a not-for-profit social enterprise, who secure apprenticeships for people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the construction sector, to fund the schemes of 13 apprentices in heating, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry roles. In addition, Mitie’s most recent collaboration is with the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), an organisation focused on driving economic growth, job creation, and infrastructure development in Oxfordshire. As part of this partnership, Mitie has pledged £100,000 to support the recruitment and development of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) apprenticeships.

In commitment to the local communities it serves, Mitie has supported training for local fire establishments, including Manchester Fire Services. Since 2021, Mitie has supported eight operational firefighter apprentices to successfully complete their programmes and become professional firefighters serving the greater Manchester community, and is currently supporting a further 18 who are due to complete their programme in January 2025.

Mitie is also committed to supporting people who have previously experienced barriers to employment in securing apprenticeships and employment through its Levy gifting approach. Mitie’s gifting funds were recently used by one of its partners to support seven people, who either have a disability or face socio-economic disadvantages, into managerial and leadership apprenticeship schemes. Separately, recent support has enabled an individual who was previously long-term unemployed due to mental health challenges, to successfully achieve their Level 2 Carpentry and Joinery qualification and secure employment with the partner company.

Kate Large, Director of Learning and Development, Mitie, said:

“We focus our Levy gifting on helping groups with barriers to employment and supporting the local communities we serve. From training firefighters, to helping people overcome long-term difficulties, to welcoming women in STEM, the £2 million we’ve gifted is having a positive impact in developing future talent.”

Notes to editors

(1) Information stated in a written parliamentary question and answer from Dr Luke Evans MP to Robert Halfon MP on 12 February 2024 which revealed that 2.7%, or 580 of levy-paying employers transfer funds to non-levy employers.
(2) This came into effect on 6 April 2024, the percentage companies could previously gift was 25%

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