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Workplace wellness - why FM and Property are crucial players Health and wellbeing are the current buzzwords in the property and FM industry, which isn’t surprising when there is strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can boost productivity and lower staff turnover. Although often seen as an HR responsibility, the working environment, facilities and services that support wellbeing are being designed and managed by property and FM teams, putting the responsibility firmly in our hands. Our latest strategy guide looks at how organisations can create and support a ‘well workplace’ and the role of the FM and property teams in delivering this. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Brexit: Where will they go? The impact of Brexit is already being felt, with the likelihood of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union bringing a great deal of uncertainty to global markets and UK business prospects. In this opinion piece from Source8, our experts examine the potential realities of doing business in post-Brexit Britain, as well as considerations that need to be made as the UK prepares for this momentous change. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Procurement and the death of the salesman Anyone involved in procuring new suppliers knows the challenges involved in securing the right suppliers, for the right price, that meet an organisation’s needs and requirements. This report covers some of the points raised about ‘best practice procurement’ at Mitie’s recent roundtable for clients working in the legal sector. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Achieving workplace transformation Workplace transformation isn’t just about building design and operation. People have to join the property and FM team on the transformation journey, which means FMs need to create an environment and services model that is specifically tailored to their individual needs at any particular time of day, or day of the week. By necessity, this approach will cut across several traditional support silos (HR IT, property and FM) and demand a service model that is far more comprehensive, people-focused, service-driven and - almost inevitably - more costly. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Changing the model for FM services Shifting away from the traditional roundtable format, Mitie hosted its first-ever workshop, inviting senior FM, property and procurement professionals to discuss what an 'outcomes-based' contract model for FM services might look like and the potential impact it might have on the wider outsourcing industry. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Embracing workplace change in the legal sector Today, law firms are embracing workplace change in a way that is sending shockwaves throughout the sector, as senior property and FM professionals try to adapt to a rapidly changing professional climate. Following its latest roundtable, Mitie has produced a new report to explore the common concerns and obstacles facing these senior directors and affecting property strategies in the legal sector. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
The future workplace challenge Mitie hosted its latest roundtable with senior property and FM professionals from the finance and professional services sector to discuss the current challenges to improving workplace services, balancing employee wellbeing and productivity against compliance requirements and a host of 21st-century security risks. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Examining PwC's 'business hoteling' strategy and the data behind it PwC’s ‘business hoteling’ approach to building management and the office environment they’ve created is often cited as a leading example of industry best practice. Mitie’s relationship with PwC dates back to 2006 when we started providing their document management services, and we’ve been able to see first-hand the developments at buildings such as 7 More London and how they’ve changed working practices. Paul Harrington, Real Estate Director has been the central driving force of the changes at PwC for over 20 years. In this interview we asked him about the impact of these changes on the business, how they’re informed and measured and how data plays a role in it all. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Six factors that HR leaders consistently highlight around agile working Agile working is a widely known concept within business, but what is the reality of its application in top UK companies at the start of 2015? How successful have companies been in creating policies and initiating them, and what are the major issues involved in weaving agile working into individual business cultures? At Mitie, we wanted to better understand the current state of agile working throughout the UK's businesses, and see where problems may occur. We canvassed HR directors and senior managers from a variety of market-leading businesses in both the public and private sectors to benchmark why, how and to what effect agile working is currently in use. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
How productive is your workplace? Mitie recently commissioned Quora Consulting to research the impact of the changing workplace from an end-users perspective – the views of the knowledge workers in corporate offices. The implications of the findings of the research for the FM sector are explored in this strategy guide. Productivity decline, disengaged workers, a battle for talent – what can FM do to address these issues? - . Published 22 February 2017
Time for change - researching the changing nature of work In 2015, Mitie commissioned Quora Consulting to examine changes in the workplace. Previously our research had engaged with FM and Property directors in charge of large property portfolios, but this research questioned how those changes are affecting the people who work in them. The report highlights the impact workplaces have on productivity and examines people’s perceptions of their workplace. Our report, 'How productive is your workplace?', interprets the implications of this research for FM professionals - visit www.mitie.com/publications to download. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017
Fm services outsourcing in the Legal sector Mitie hosted a second roundtable for property and FM professionals from the legal sector to examine how FM outsourcing can work in a sector where the approach has been traditional and conservative. Delivering a high quality environment for staff and clients is paramount this report covers the main points raised by attendees at the event as they considered how FM could develop for Legal firms. - PDF. Published 22 February 2017