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How can the latest technology keep our hospitals clean?

Consistently clean and hygienic hospitals are fundamental to the excellent care expected from the NHS and other healthcare providers.  

As the risks to patients, visitors and staff of infection and cross-contamination is greater in a poorly cleaned healthcare setting, it goes without saying that rigorous hospital cleaning is vital. With an efficient, responsive and high-quality cleaning regime, operations, treatments and consultations can all happen without the risk of unnecessary exposure to health or safety hazards. 

Mitie female cleaner turning the wheel on a robot floor cleaner in a corridor
Using innovative technology can complement an existing cleaning regime

So, what part can technology play in supporting your healthcare teams and keeping our hospitals clean, and who is best placed to help you make the most of what is available?  

What is the latest hospital cleaning technology and how can it help your hospital? 

Using cutting-edge technology to complement your existing cleaning regime can help ensure the highest rates of disinfection and sanitisation are achieved and maintained. The real-time insights that modern cleaning technology provides can help your cleaning teams to be more efficient, while also reducing waste and optimising service delivery.   

Innovative robotic solutions, including robot vacuums and autonomous scrubber-driers, and improved UV disinfection systems and antimicrobial surface protectants, are just some of the ways that advanced technology is taking cleaning to another level. 

Sensor technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are playing an important part in the evolution of the cleaning industry. For example, sensor technology can monitor the footfall in an area and alert cleaning teams to make sure that the area is cleaned as often as needed. The technology can also be used to alert teams to spillages so that action can be taken before they become a health and safety hazard.  

Mitie cleaning employee tapping his smart watch
A cleaning team can operate in a more efficient way using RFID tags to monitor areas

Sensors can also help with stock management by alerting colleagues when and where consumables need to be replaced. Radio frequency ID (RFID) tags, linked to handheld devices, can monitor when areas have been cleaned, and for how long, which can help reassure healthcare teams that hygiene standards are being maintained. Mitie has been trialling the system with a major healthcare client

All of this means the cleaning team can operate in a more efficient demand-led way by making sure that they have the stocks they need and freeing up their time to focus on other areas as needed. 

At Mitie, we embrace the opportunities that technology brings to enhance hospital cleaning. Advanced cleaning technology is central to delivering our £30million cleaning services contract with the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. The technology that we have introduced at the Lister Hospital and Hertford County Hospital includes robot scrubber-driers and sensors to monitor footfall in public spaces. Not only does the technology support the delivery of enhanced cleaning, but its use is also helping to reduce water and energy consumption and supports the NHS Trust’s goal of reaching net zero. 

Why choose Mitie as your hospital cleaning provider? 

Mitie is one of the leading providers of hospital cleaning services in the UK. We use innovative technology to deliver cleaning solutions that can adapt to the changing needs of our customers. This is a key element of our Science of Service

Our commitment to advances in hospital cleaning can be experienced first-hand at our Cleaning and Hygiene Centre of Excellence, in Birmingham, where our customers get a glimpse into the future of the cleaning industry. At the Centre, you get to see the latest advances in technology and innovation, and we get to showcase our amazing people and our operational excellence. 

Mitie hospital cleaner mopping the floor in a corridor
Mitie has more than 30 years of experience in keeping hospitals clean

Our success in hospital cleaning is built on more than 30 years of experience and contracts with more than 40 NHS Trusts around the UK. And all supported by more than 20,000 colleagues who deliver a service that covers every corner of the region. 

Keeping facilities clean for hospital users is a top priority. We are fully compliant with NHS cleaning standards and our service is subject to scrutiny through rigorous checking processes. Our award-winning training facilities are accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), which means our cleaning personnel are trained to the highest level. Our teams are also supported by a specialist Infection Control Advisor, who makes sure we stay up to date with the latest cleaning guidance and techniques. 

Contact us now to see how Mitie can support your hospital’s cleaning requirements. 

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